Saturday, January 1, 2011


The other day I was changing the boys's diapers. I had just finished Charlie and was holloring to Dylan to come get his bum changed. Charlie hopped up and went around the corner to Dylan and said "Momma...NOW". That's what Brandt will say when I'm trying to change the boys or get them to go somewhere and they aren't listening. It was hilarious.

My babies are starting to morph into little boys. There isn't much "baby" to them any more. The words are finally starting to be said and they're learning new tricks each day. It's nice that they're such great helpers but I will miss my little guys. Guess that's just part of it all. Love 'em.

P.S. Oliver had his first rice cereal today. Not such a big fan. Ended up crying cause he wanted the usual on the menu. Like I said...where are my babies going???

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