Monday, April 4, 2016

And the Oliver funny moments continue....

My 3 older boys slept over at Grandma's house one day last week since it was Spring Break.  The next evening when we were home Brandt came in from work and the boys were excitedly telling Brandt about the fun things they did.  I was trying to quietly tell Oliver to go put on his hat that Grandma bought him without Brandt hearing.  He looked at me and said "what?"  Then Dylan tried to whisper to him while he was walking towards me but then he past Charlie next.  Charlie turned to whisper it to him and at the same time Oliver turned towards Charlie.  The Oliver burst out "CHARLIE WHY DID YOU TALK INTO MY EYE???" He was clearly upset about it.  Brandt and I busted up laughing which in turn embarrassed O so he ran away to cry.  We tried to explain to him that it was funny, he was funny, and not to cry about it.  Now he can laugh with us but man it was great.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

O is killing me!

Oh my word.  I just want a recorder on Oliver ALL.THE.TIME! He says the funniest stuff continuously and I always think, "I'm gonna write that down," and true to form, life keeps going and I don't get around to typing it in.  So here we are for a couple things:
1. Oliver and Porter's bedroom door got outta wack and we had to fix it.  However, before Brandt got around to it you had to sorta tug on the door to get it to latch.  One Sunday morning, Oliver got up and came in to us and then the twins came down, too.  As they were leaving to go upstairs O piped up and said, "Guys! I had to shut my door and I had to use ALL my strength."  We just laughed because if you know Oliver, you know how emphatic he can be.  All his strength....

2.  Today I was sitting on the couch talking to my mom for a minute on the phone.  Oliver came up to me to ask me a question and started pushing on my belly.  I was leaning back so my gut was just too enticing, I guess.  He whispered "fat belly" more to himself than to anyone.  When I hung up I asked what he wanted and he asked me if I heard what he said (we've been talking about how you don't call people fat, etc).  I repeated it and he proceeded to tell me that if my tummy got this big (demonstrating with his hands) it would mean you're having a baby.  And then I told him how because I had him and his brothers, and especially charlie and dylan being in there together, I'm left with all this skin and pudge.  He said, "Yeah.  And it's a real good thing that you didn't die."  Then turned around and walked away.  Random boy.  Yep, it IS a good thing I didn't die.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stinky O

Oliver has all of a sudden stopped showering and wanting to shower. Getting him to do it is a constant struggle and we told him he needs to shower with Brandt to do a refresher course cause he's not cleaning himself good enough. So tonight's the night. He just told me he wasn't showering. Then told me if I put him in he'll get back out. Then I reminded him he'll have to fight dad. Then he responded "I'm not showering. I'm going to frow a fit."  It took everything for me not to laugh out loud. Frow a fit.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Tomorrow I'm officially mid-thirties. Not sure how I've gotten this old. I love the wisdom I have because I am SO old but then again I'm SO old. A little surreal. Everything is good right now. I was super sick last week and just have the lingering bit of a cold hanging on. Kids are cute and crazy. I'll try and do a real post in the next day or so. Happy birthday to me!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Another New Year

2016.  Cannot even believe it.  Coming off of a very, very busy and jam-packed holiday season I have been pondering and I want to record my gratitude each day.  Whether or not it makes it past a day, a week, month, etc. we'll have to see but I'm starting it here.  Today while the idea has been rolling around in my brain I have had multiple ideas come to me about what I'd write about and now that I have one second to jot something down I am a little blank.  Today we started off by SLEEPING IN! We hosted our annual Fireworks and Fondue New Year's Eve party and it is a lot of work.  Pile on that my hubby has been pretty much MIA since we got back from Disneyland at the beginning of December, and it is even harder to pull off.  I am just tired I think.  Anyway, that aside, our party was fun but I was up to 2 with my nieces and nephew waiting for their ride.  This old lady isn't used to that.  Then this morning we had to finish putting everything away and cleaned up and then Brandt made "daddy breakfast" for the boys.  Big and hearty.  So we had breakfast for lunch and then this afternoon we went sledding as a family and a neighbor family came, too. 
It was a BEAUTIFUL day.  Perfect skiing weather.  Snows in the mountains, skies are blue, and the sun was shining strong.  Then we came home, made dinner, boys are all showered, ready for bed, and watching a movie.  So, being that today was all about our little family unit, I just wanted to reflect on my people and how much I love them.  They are my reason for being.  It is hard and trying for me to be a mom.  I am trying my hardest to do a good job and I know I fall short quite a bit but they bring me great joy.  Its crazy how they can make you your happiest self and on the flip-side, your very worst side.  Yesterday as I finally had enough with the boys and their unwillingness to help me prepare the house for 25 guests, I grabbed their toys and took them away and told them to take a nap.  Thru tears Charlie told me that I am the meanest mom and that as soon as he woke up he was packing his things and leaving.  I'm glad that when he was done napping he was happy to see me and things were good.  I'm also glad that my hubby told me that I was a good mom and wife and that he'd help Charlie pack his bags.  I'm lucky to have such support and such loving children.  Lots of times I need to take a step back, breathe, and remember that they are my everything and nothing else matters.  I don't need to be worked up over insignificant people or things.  That's about it for now.  xo

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Funny O

Walking O to his room to tuck him in tonight: "Mom, I don't know why my thumb is so good."

We're trying to kick the thumb sucking habit.  He's usually good about it but if he's really tired I'll catch him sucking.  He was doing it today while he was watching a little TV so I think that spurred the comment.  He's a funny one.  I want him to stay little and cute forever.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A storm's a-brewin....

I am a big ol' mix of emotions this morning.  The last few days I feel a little like "nesting."  You see, I have applied for a job that I'm fairly confident that I can obtain.  I haven't, however, been offered the job yet, but I can see it on the horizon.  For many years we've talked about me going back to work.  I did plan on waiting until all my littles were in 1st grade, or even just kindergarten for that matter.  We've jumped the gun slightly.  My hope was to get a job I could do from home.  I may have potential for that to occur, but don't think it will be that way in the beginning.  So I've been fighting the internal battle that is going on with giving my baby to be cared for by someone other than myself.  And it is killing me.  I know it is right and it is what needs to be done and honestly, I've wanted this, but man oh man....tough.  This morning I got the 3 older boys off to school and came back and let Porter devour a donut.  I went out and vacuumed my car while he ate and when I came back in I took him straight to the bath.  After I lotioned him up so he smelled all yummy, we were on the couch looking out front.  I had my head resting on the back of the couch and Porter came over and put his arm around me and rested his cheek against mine while he watched the world outside our window.  I lost it.  My sweet, sweet baby.  Is this what I'm going to be missing?  These quiet moments of just him and me?  We left the boys with Granna this weekend and Brandt and I went camping.  Porter was PISSED at me for leaving him.  So much so that when we came back he went first to Brandt and he's is a momma's boy.  I cannot even seem to grasp how hard this is going to be to drop him off.  I've heard many mom's talk about how they have just bawled after leaving their baby and I have been soooooo incredibly blessed that I have never had to do that.  A miracle really.  I just have those doubts that I am short-changing him or something that I didn't have to do that with his brothers.  I don't know.  A momma's insecurity maybe?  Regardless, I feel the waves crashing in and it is scary and exciting all in the same emotion.  I can do this.  I can do hard things.