Saturday, January 15, 2011

Danger is my middle name

My Dylan is quite curious. He is a boy that L.O.V.E.S. electronic things, sharp things, tools, and anything I don't want him to have. He has had a fascination with plugs since day one. He loves to put things in things, therefore, a plug is the best thing ever. The question is, do I embrace his loves or try and get him to avoid those things. He loves to cut things so I really need to sit down with him and practice cutting with scissors. He always wants to cut his food with a knife, not have me do it, so I guess I need to teach him how to cut with a knife, too. Anytime there is a plug out, he plugs it in. If there is a button, he wants to push it. I can give Charlie a car and he is entertained for hours but my Dylan wanders all around the house looking for something to interest him, usually settling with something he's not supposed to touch. This is the plug for my laptop. I didn't plug it in. On either end. Clever little one.

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