Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cute things and not so cute things

I've wanted to post for awhile now and just can't ever find the two minutes it takes to post.  So frustrating.  We are battling sickness around these parts.  Brandt started us out and Brandt is one that when he get sick he still goes to work.  He was home two days this week if that tells you how he felt.  He got the cold/sore throat/puking thing.  He wasn't feeling too hot after work on Saturday and by the time Sunday was here he was fevered and not well at all.  Missed church, missed family party, missed work, etc.

I picked up Oliver from school Monday and he slowly walked out and I knew something was up.  "Mom, I  can't wear my reindeer hat cause my head hurts."  Oh no.  That is the start of it.  He came home, went downstairs, went to his bed and put himself down for a nap.  That folks is sick.  So sad.  He's evolved into fever, cold thing and currently is that way.  Mostly just a cold now.  Tuesday Charlie came home and has a headache, too, and a bit of a runny nose, but he still feels well enough to go to school.  And then last night it hit me and Porter.  Oh dear.  So sad when you are so small you can't blow your nose, not sure how to suck when your nose is all clogged, and we HATE the nose sucky thing.  HATE it.  I was worried that he was going to be up all night as the afternoon/evening were horrendous, but my blessed child slept until 7:45am.  Thank you thank you.  Currently enjoying nap #2 today so I think he's embracing some rest while he feels so crummy.

But the cutest thing.  When I grabbed O on Monday, he said to me, "Mom, Porter can't sleep in my room today.  My bref is going to come out of my mouth and go into his mouth and he will get sick."  Wise words, my boy.  I didn't listen and kept Porter in his crib and apparently O's "bref" made its way to Porters mouth and now I have more sickies.  Oh Sad.