Monday, November 28, 2011

Been awhile

I hate when I don't stay up on my blogging because that means that many days have past that I haven't recorded any snippets of our crazy life. We've been busy playing and working and all of a sudden Thanksgiving is gone and we're running into Christmas. It's so sad how after Halloween the rest of the year just melts away.

The boys are good. They're growing We took little Oliver into nursery yesterday for the first time. He technically isn't supposed to be in until mid-January but we thought we'd try it out this month since the twins will be in there for this month. And then they're in SUNBEAMS. Ok, please pause a minute...WHAT??? Oh man, it's too soon for mamma-bear. I'm not gonna handle them getting big so well. I already know I'm gonna tear up everytime I look out over the piano in primary and see my own kiddos. Just surreal. Don't even make me be there when they give their first talk or prayer. I'll be a sobbing idiot. But back to Oliver. He did so so so good. I took him in and he just sat there and played...didn't care that I was I just snuck on out. Brandt went to get him after the 1st hour and they told him to leave him since he was doing so well. He said they were having snack and Dylan, Charlie, and Oliver were all sitting there at the table next to each other. The cutest thing ever. I went to check on him after our music time and they again told me to leave and that he was fine, so, he did great. When I went to get them after church they told me that he was so good that they'd just keep him. That's my Oliver-kid. He's just the perfect little guy. We're so lucky to call him ours.

Last week we snuck away to St. George for a little break. B had the week off so we ran away. My parents joined us and it was great. The boys always wanted to sit on the cooler rather than a chair and we enjoyed playing with the glass table. Yuck - handprint nightmare. We did a little of this. And a little of that. And some of this. (Or tried to do some of this. We can get a step or two out of him but that's it. Why walk when you can crawl?)
And some of that. It was a lot of fun. We also took our 4wheeler down and played on that, too, but I never took out my camara. On our way home we stopped and saw some of our favorite people and let the boys jump on their "jumper."

We drove home on Thanksgiving. We had to come back on Friday for the Ute game so we figured what's a day, so we came back and had dinner with B's fam. After the crappy game it probably would have been to our benefit to stay the entire week, but oh well.

And just a last little story. I was putting the twins in their room for a nap just a minute ago and Dylan saw his "daddy pants" (basketball shorts - he LOVES them cause that's what daddy wears to lounge around). He wanted to wear them and I kept saying "no-o" in a sing-songy voice. He promptly replied "ye-es" in a sing-songy voice. Man I love those kids. Constant hilarity. Is that a word? Today it is.
Yea for this time of year when people are kinder, blessings are noticed, and a wonderful spirit resides.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Did I miss something?

It's November. I think I've missed October. And September. Crazy that it is already time to begin to think winter. It's nice that the snow waited until this morning instead of raining on trick-or-treat night like usual. I feel like I've been in such a rut lately and all I've been blogging about is how it's just been rough being a mom. But alas, it is not always doom and gloom. I have really, really, really have been enjoying my boys as of late. They are so funny and so kind and so obedient. Yes, we have our moments (quite a lot of them) but overall they are really great little boys. They've been so excited with all the Halloween hubbabaloo and it's made my heart smile. For a moment last night while we were out wandering our neighborhood I felt a little guilty for not being home to pass out candy, but then realized that being out with the boys running up to our neighbors houses screaming 'Trick-or-Treat' was where I wanted to be. While they're so young and innocent and learning the ropes of Halloween it's fun to be there and a part of it. It, like everything else, will be a fleeting moment that I want to be a part of, relish in, and enjoy. Needless to say, it was a hit, we've eaten WAY too much candy, and I'm ready to think about Thanksgiving. Not quite ready for the colder weather, but on the bright side, one day it will be spring again so I can hang in there. How grateful I am to be where I am in my life. How grateful I am for our daily struggles. How grateful I am for the happy moments my little boys bring to me. How grateful I am for the upcoming season. I hope to remember that gratitude feeling throughout the rest of the year.