Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The favorite

So when we had our twins people would joke and ask which one was our favorite. Our standard response was,"whichever child isn't crying."  Today my favorite is Oliver. I was making lunch and he said, "mom, look at your tummy! It's getting flat like ours!"  Haha. Nice to hear when I've felt especially bloated. My dear niece asked me maybe 3 weeks ago if there was another baby in my tummy. Gotta love kids.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My sad, sad, neglected blog. IT'S AN UPDATE!

So it has been months and months.  My life is busy and crazy and unfortunately, if I don't start updating, forgotten.  I know we have way too much going on and if I don't put our comings and going on here I will NOT remember my children's childhood.  At least a good portion anyway.  Things happen and I think, "Oh, I'll remember this, it's funny," and then the next day I can't remember it.  So sad.  So here's a brief update with pictures.
End of February the boys playing with their daddy.  They look forward to him getting home from work everyday and hope that dad has a "surprise" lined up.  They adore him.
First part of March Brandt had a day off and we went to the zoo with Grandma and Uncle Rob.  Love being able to play with daddy.  Did I say that already?
End of March the hair finally was taken off.  Brandt donated his luscious locks to Hawks Locks.  All donations used for children with cancer or any disease that takes their hair.  The boys got fo-hawks.  They were pretty stoked.  Thank you Aunt Heidi!
Beginning of April Charlie FINALLY rode a 2-wheeler.  WooHoo!  I kinda thought he never would do it.  He'd be the only 15 year old out there with training wheels.  Cautious Charlie.
 We are a Utah family.  Brandt and I have season tix to the football games and look forward to it all year.  The boys always want to go but we only have two tickets.  So I've sorta made it a tradition to go to the red & white game in the spring. This year it was super hot so we didn't last too long. But we made it and I think the boys had fun.
End of April was Easter.  We had a plethora of Easter parties.  I think the boys enjoyed 3 hunts.  A little excessive if you ask me but they loved it.  We had jelly beans for months after.
Beginning of May was Mother's Day.  Each year I am reminded how very lucky I am to be a mom.  Something we so desired and had to pray so hard for.  And this year with our special baby on the way at the time was quite special.  It's a wonderful feeling to be doing the will of the Lord.  I know I am to be a mommy and raise these boys to be righteous.  Love my boys.  Lots.
End of May - SCHOOL ENDED!!!  Holy smokes my twins graduated from Kindergarten and will be 1st graders!  We loved, loved, loved Mrs. Lemmon. She was such a great teacher and the boys grew so much in her class.
With it being summer I signed the kids up for the bowl free program at our bowling alley.  I think the boys are really enjoying bowling.  They do pretty well and it is a nice change of pace from the norm around here.
I refuse to do swim lessons in the summer since it is such a zoo at the rec center with sooo many lessons going on at the same time.  Because of this, and knowing that I'd be a little more stuck at home thru the summer, I signed the kiddies up for 2 sessions of swim lessons.  O is still just getting going but the twins are making great progress and are turning into little swimmers.
Spring Baseball!  The twins LOVED baseball.  They were awesome at it!  Dylan was busy making double plays and Charlie improved on his running and actually liked playing.  They had a great coach and we look forward to playing machine pitch next year.