Friday, January 14, 2011

Charlie's cute words

Charlie is my little talker. I'm sure one day Dylan is going to start talking and won't ever shut up. Some cute things Charlie is saying right now:

"ga-ga, ga-ga, choo, choo"

"Na, na-na": pointing out Dylan's banana

"nua-nua": elephant, followed by a noise that an elephant would make

"ga": giraffe

"la-loe": Love you (dylan says this, too)

"O, nigh, nigh, nigh": O went to sleep

Pig is something interesting, too. I'll have to ask him again to pronounce it so I can try to write it out phonic-wise.

A lot of his words are just darn cute. He had a moose shirt on today and would tell you about it. I love when he says "mouse".

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