Friday, December 18, 2009

Are you kidding me?

I tried to make jello salad today. I was too impatient with it setting up in the fridge and decided to move it to the freezer. When I tried to shut the door I realized that I need to clear out more in the back so it would shut all the way. I opened the door and the the 9x11 pan of strawberry jello fell out...down the freezer door, in the compartments in the door, on the bottom of the freezer, underneath the freezer, in the air vent, and down the front of me. Awesome. Jello salad anyone? It is now in a 6x8 the fridge. Sometimes I wonder why I even try. For two split seconds I thought about grabbing my camara to capture the beauty but then realized I didn't want to remember the mess.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fry Sauce

So I have been anti-blog lately. I have had NO desire to post so, therefore, I haven't. The other night I had shut myself in the office for 5 minutes to check my emails. I left the boys in the living room to run a-muck. Let me tell you, they did just that. When I came back I found D with fry sauce rosy cheeks. Earlier that day I had some fry sauce. It was from a restaurant so it was in a small plastic tub with a lid. Apparently I had left it too close to the edge of the table and old eagle eye found it. He had smeared it all over his face, all over the tile in the kitchen, all over the leg of the table, and surprisingly down the hall and all over the mirror just outside the office door. I'm sure there is a nice coat on the carpet, too, but luckily for us, our carpet upstairs is soooo stained anyway, you can't tell. Oh I can't wait to tear it up and have hardwood floors. Maybe in the next 100 years we'll get to that.We're all good around here. Nothing much going on but just the normal holiday stuff. We've shut ourselves in since it is freezing cold out and we've been fighting a few colds around here. We're almost 100% ready for Christmas. Nice to be almost done. Happy Holidays everyone!!