Friday, February 17, 2012

Comings and Goings...

Lately it's been a lot easier to sit on the couch and read other blogs rather than to update my own. I've had some brilliant, brilliant I tell you, thoughts going through my brain but to actually summon the energy to actually put it into words and into the computer has been impossible. We are good. Boys are growing. Mom & Dad are getting smarter at how to corral the crazy. I'm a year older and actually IN my 30ies rather than just 30. Yuck. I don't know how that happened. I think I'm ok with it but it is just a little surreal I suppose. I was never supposed to be this old. I never have imagined, dreamed, or thought I would be 30+. I still feel so young (most the time) that it never occurred to me that I would some day be out of high school, have kids, a husband, a house, grown-up responsibilities, etc. Just wierd.

The boys are busy. Oliver is trying to be big, big, big. He is mighty cute and we just love him so. The twins are hilarious. Just this morning I was downstairs getting something and as I came up the stairs Charlie popped his head around the corner and stated, "I'm Kierstin" (who is his auntie) and he had a HUGE bag from the RV show slung over his shoulder. I assume Kierstin must have had a large purse one time he saw her. I literally laughed out loud (and then took a picture and sent a text to Auntie Kierstin). Dylan has been saying for the last few months, "I want a big one" whenever he wants something. Whether it be a cookie, a piece of paper, or a toy...he wants a big one. So, the other day when he said he wanted some bread and I told him to wait and we'd have some bread with his dinner he threw me off when he responded, "I want a huge one." I laughed out loud again. They do try me and run me ragged, but they make me laugh and cry because they are just so darn sweet. The other day they wanted to play outside and I let them and just told them they had to play in the backyard. I was upstairs and thought I heard something out front so I looked out the window. We had that big windstorm back in December and it blew down one of our downspouts. We had put it in the garage and planned to fix it in the spring. When I saw the boys out front, they were carrying it to the lawn to "fix" it. I told them to take it back and so they obediently did. I love this little story because it reminds me of the time I saw the cute little boy across the street in his tighty-whiteies carrying a long piece of handrail or something across their front lawn (this was years ago. he's now like 10 and I'm sure he'd be mortified to do that now!). I remember looking out my window and laughing at how cute/funny it was. Little boys...I love their shenanagans they get into.

What else?? My little nephew was baptized a few weeks ago and I tried my hand at some machine embroidery. I am in love! I think I've convinced my mom that we NEED an embroidery machine. It was so fun and so easy! The things we could use it on are endless. I'm getting back into my crafting again. Trying to post and sell some new ties and get somethings lined up for the farmers market this summer.

I also gave in and finally let the boys finger paint. I've never let them because it can get so messy but they did well (got messy but what do you expect) and had fun. They keep asking me to paint again. I need to be brave and have a paint party again. Oliver has learned how to color, too...on him. We're busy around here but we're good. Very fortunate to enjoy what we do and have what we have. I couldn't be more happy being mom to my sweet boys. I'm going to go grey and lose my mind but I am super lucky. I don't know what I did so right to have what I have.