Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 boys updates

We took Dylan & Charlie in for their 2 year check-ups today. Here are their stats: (drumroll please)

Weight: 25lb 3oz (16%)
Height: 34 (39%)
Head: 47.5 (20%)

Weight: 29lb (63%)
Height: 34.5 (53%)
Head: 48.5 (45%)

The kicker of the appointment was this. We threw Baby Oliver up on the scale for a laugh....13lb 6oz. ARE YOU KIDDING?!? Charlie was that was that weight at his 4 month check up and Dylan didn't hit that mark until about 5-6 months. Oliver is only 6 weeks old. What a fatty!!! Love it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Month Old

So Oliver is really 6 weeks tomorrow but here is the picture I took of him on his official One Month Birthday. What a sweet baby he is. He is so good. He is a good eater, a good sleeper, and a good little brother. Oh, how we love him so.

Belated Bear Lake

About 3 weeks ago we went to Bear Lake with Brandt's side of the fam. I suppose we can call it the "Annual Trip" since we're 2 years running. It was great. I am so appreciative to have such great in-laws and everyone was so helpful since we had little Oliver to keep me away and Dylan and Charlie were just taken under everyone's wings. I was pretty much stuck in the cabin since Oliver was only 3 weeks old but I still had fun.

Here we are getting ready to leave. I had packed all the shorts I had that weren't in the dirty hamper so I had to dress Dylan in whatever I could find that were shorts. That's why he looks so dorky. I know...mean.
We played in the lake. Or I guess Dylan played in the lake. When we got there Mimi & Papa took all the grandkids down to the lake. Dylan ran right up to it and then in it and plopped himself right down in it. That's how he was the whole time. Charlie was not so sure of the lake. He stood on the sand and did not move. Did not sit down, did not play, just stood there. That is what all the chaparones said anyway...it was all word of mouth to me.
We went on the waverunners with Daddy. You know who had the most fun with it.
When you got back to the house you had to rinse your feet off. We're big enough to do it ourselves, ya know.
We played on the playset
And we played in the sand
We also played on the 4wheelers but the very best picture I had of that was on my cell phone and someone (Charlie) decided to kill my phone the other day (another wonderful story for another time). I had sent the picture to Brandt's phone so when I download it off I'll have to post it. It is the best.

Here's the only picture I took of Oliver on the trip.
We can't wait til next year when we get to go again! Here we are on the drive home...says it all!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oliver's Newborn Pictures

We had our friend take some pictures of Oliver for us. I loved them all. I love this one
and this one
and this one
and this one
and this one
and this one...oh who am I kidding, I loved them all! These are just some of my favs I guess! I have some great posts to do when I have a spare minute. It's been nuts around here. Stay tuned...