Monday, July 23, 2012

O's 2!

Our baby is no more a baby.  Oliver turned 2 last week and I cannot even believe it.  He is still my little boy and I'm afraid he will always be.  We still rock him before we put him to sleep and snuggle a little longer and you know...I'm not in a hurry to change it.  He is a sweet boy but is learning to whine and cry a bit now.  Mostly this occurs when he doesn't get his way or a toy is taken from him.  He is spoiled.  I see it.  It is probably a bit of of "baby of the family special treatment."  Not that I'm opposed to that being that I fall at the end of the line, too.  But he's the best.  Brandt has asked me if i would have another baby if it would be just like Oliver and I said, "right now, without a doubt."  He has been an AMAZING child.  I couldn't ask for a cuter, more fun kid.

Couple things about O:
1.  He loves anything that moves.  Trucks, cars, motorcycles, planes, traines.  You get the idea.
2.  He doesn't like to talk much.  Lots of sounds like "uh", "nuh", etc. with a finger pointing.  He does say some words and more and more are coming along each day.  Our favorite right now is if we ask him a question, any question, the answer is "no."  Typical for a 2 year old but when he says it is so darn cute.  He says no and will shake his little head and look down.  We egg him on and just laugh.  Terrible parents we are.
3.  His brother's names are "Na."  I don't know if you remember, but the twins called each other "Na" when they were about this age.  I don't know where it came from and then the crazy thing is Oliver just started doing it, too.
4.  He is the MESSY kid.  Oh my.  I thought Dylan was bad, oh no, Oliver definitely has him beat.  When the kitchen chair needs to be wiped down we state that the chair has been "Olivered."  It is incredible how quickly and thoroughly he can goop up anything from the table to himself.
5.  He still sits in his car seat backwards.  What a guy.  I need to get the twins boosters so I can get rid of their current seats and hopefully have room to flip Oliver backwards.  He comefortably rides facing the rear of the car and it is all possible to his...
6.  Eensy, weensy legs.  This poor kid is all torso.  Brandt fondly calls O Stump.  That Curtis gene is pretty strong and all my boys are long in body and short in legs but O got the worst of it.  Stubby little leggies for this one.
7.  O will eat just about anything.  He loves food and doesn't make a fuss.  I'm the only one who makes a fuss cause of the aforementioned mess he creates.
8.  Oliver loves to drive his cars, motorcycles, trucks on the ground.  He'll lie on his side and rest his head on the ground and drive the vehicle around and around.  Occasionally he'll scooch up, down, to the side to accommodate the driving area but it is super cute.
9.  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is his favorite song.  He sings it all the time and my heart swoons.  When he was little I would sing it to him and he would shake his head back and forth like he was embarrasssed.  He won't do that anymore but he will sing it in his crib, while he's playing, or sitting at the table.  Anywhere.  So cute.  Lately I've heard him humming As A Child Of God from the primary program this year.  That is Charlie's favorite song so he will sing it quite often and I think O has picked it up from him.
10.  Oliver has the STINKIEST & SWEATIEST little feet.  Man those things are fierce.  Cute little chubby feet but man oh man watch out.

Oliver is my buddy.  I sure am lucky to have him choose me to be his mommy.  I can't believe how big he is getting and I am convinced one day he will be the same size as the twins and passing them up.  He loves his brothers and tries to keep up and does a pretty good job of it.  Occasionally I'll hear one of the twins crying/whining in the other room and when I go in to check on them Oliver is laying on top of them keeping them down.  Don't mess with this little boy.  He'll take you down.  He is the best.  Oh, and those little front teeth of his are slowly making a comeback.  He'll be a bit of a snaggle-tooth kid but snaggle-teeth are better than no teeth in my opinion.  Gives him character, right?  Happy Birthday O.  Love you lots and lots and lots.