Monday, January 24, 2011


Last night our little family was down in the living room. The boys were playing and dad was watching the game. All of a sudden we could hear a buzz. A buzz like you sometimes get in your ear. Just a faint noise. Enough to bug. We were looking at each other each wondering what the crap it was. We turned off the TV. Nothing. We turned off the receiver to see if it was in the speakers. Nothing. We stood under the can lights. Nothing. We went to the other parts of the basement and it went away. We went upstairs and couldn't hear it. We got out a stool and stood under the air vents. Nothing. We put our ear up to the outlets. Nothing. Brandt went up and turned off and on EVERY switch in the circut box. Nothing. WHAT IN THE HECK IS MAKING THAT ANNOYING NOISE???????? I have a lot of confidence in my husband and his knowledge of how things work and what could possibly cause such a nuisance. We were about of ideas. Brandt was about to call his buddy who knows about the speaker system in our home to see if that was the issue. Dylan picked up our dumb 20 Question game. I grabbed it from his hand. It was buzzing. Brandt came over, picked it up, went upstairs, opened the back door, and threw it out the door onto the driveway. It's still there.

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