Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Random Funnies

So many times my hilarious kids will do something to just crack me up.  I always think I"ll write it down and it never happens.  Here's a couple for the books...

A month or so ago we had a big storm come through.  It snowed for a few days straight.  Sunday morning Brandt had to go early to help shovel/plow the church so he was gone most the morning.   I was scrambling trying to feed the masses, get ready for church, get 3 cute boys ready for church and make it there by 9am (or a little before so that we would get a bench).  Brandt ran home and got ready and we were down to the wire.  We ran out, threw the boys in the back and told them to buckle.  Charlie couldn't get his buckle and we were starting to drive and Charlie was freaking out.  Dylan leaned over and said, "Hold on tight, Charlie!"  I lost it.

Oliver goes to nursery.  Last couple weeks he's had a tough time wanting to go.  Two weeks ago they told me that the week prior he spent in the corner reading books by himself.  Most of the books were upside-down, but no matter.  What a cutie.  Last week they were doing the lesson time and the lady who was teaching held up a coloring picture and asked the kids who the picture was.  Oliver blurted out, "My Dad!"  She told us she couldn't stop laughing.  Fair enough...looks like dad.  Oliver only says like 3 words so it kills me that he's even said anything.