Thursday, March 24, 2016

O is killing me!

Oh my word.  I just want a recorder on Oliver ALL.THE.TIME! He says the funniest stuff continuously and I always think, "I'm gonna write that down," and true to form, life keeps going and I don't get around to typing it in.  So here we are for a couple things:
1. Oliver and Porter's bedroom door got outta wack and we had to fix it.  However, before Brandt got around to it you had to sorta tug on the door to get it to latch.  One Sunday morning, Oliver got up and came in to us and then the twins came down, too.  As they were leaving to go upstairs O piped up and said, "Guys! I had to shut my door and I had to use ALL my strength."  We just laughed because if you know Oliver, you know how emphatic he can be.  All his strength....

2.  Today I was sitting on the couch talking to my mom for a minute on the phone.  Oliver came up to me to ask me a question and started pushing on my belly.  I was leaning back so my gut was just too enticing, I guess.  He whispered "fat belly" more to himself than to anyone.  When I hung up I asked what he wanted and he asked me if I heard what he said (we've been talking about how you don't call people fat, etc).  I repeated it and he proceeded to tell me that if my tummy got this big (demonstrating with his hands) it would mean you're having a baby.  And then I told him how because I had him and his brothers, and especially charlie and dylan being in there together, I'm left with all this skin and pudge.  He said, "Yeah.  And it's a real good thing that you didn't die."  Then turned around and walked away.  Random boy.  Yep, it IS a good thing I didn't die.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stinky O

Oliver has all of a sudden stopped showering and wanting to shower. Getting him to do it is a constant struggle and we told him he needs to shower with Brandt to do a refresher course cause he's not cleaning himself good enough. So tonight's the night. He just told me he wasn't showering. Then told me if I put him in he'll get back out. Then I reminded him he'll have to fight dad. Then he responded "I'm not showering. I'm going to frow a fit."  It took everything for me not to laugh out loud. Frow a fit.....