Monday, May 21, 2012

Comings and Goings

Always lots to post, never enough time/desire to do so.  So here's my quick recap. 

The end of April my boys were pretty much the closing exercise for primary with Dylan in charge of the closing prayer and Charlie saying the scripture.
I practiced all week with Charlie to get him to memorize his scripture and he had it ready for Sunday.  "For thus saith the scripture, choose ye this day whom ye shall serve."  He got up to the mic and froze.  I whispered to him "do you want to say it with your eyes closed" and he nodded so he proceeded to close his eyes and repeated after me.  I was so proud of him.  I know he is a little shy and it is really scary once you get up there and all eyes are on you.  Dylan did great, too.  I helped him and he didn't hesitate.  They were so proud and so was I.  I think if it were me sitting in the back of the primary room instead of daddy I would have been a blubbering idiot, but luckily I'm up on the piano anyway so I got to be the helper. 
We've finally learned how to ride our bikes.  Little pros.  We spend a lot of our time riding in circles around and around in our driveway.  I haven't been brave enough to go down the street since it's a slight incline to get back to our house and I fear they'll poop out half way there and I'll be stuck carrying bikes.  Selfish I know...but what you gonna do about it? 
Mother's Day came and went.  Each year it has come around since having the twins it has been surreal.  Crazy that I'm a mommy but how lucky am I?  I mean, look at these 3?  They are awesome and I love them so (even though they have tried me all day today).  I wouldn't change it.  Love my boys.
And last week I went to the zoo with my momma and the crew.  We played on the playground, rode the carousel, and rode the train.  Saw the rhino and the elephants and that's about it.  A quick trip but a fun one. 
And here's what we're doing every day about noon.  Stop on by if you need a pb&j, too.