Monday, January 31, 2011

Done and done

31 days. I did it. Crazy. I thought I'd make it to like day 12 and be out but here I am. Maybe I can be a journal writer. However, I don't think I can keep it up through February. I think once a week is good but I'm not going to kill myself.

Today I really, really wanted to take a nap. We've been way stressed and a little lacking in sleep around my home so I planned on catching up today. Of course, I get everyone down for their naps, eat lunch and then O woke up. Great. So, I was holding him and he was reaching for my face and smiling and I was thinking about the "evolution of a baby".

I love the newborn stage. I love how a new baby is so cuddly and delicate. They're 100% dependant on you and it's very sweet.

I love when a baby is a few months old. Watching them begin to see things, begin to smile, get a little chubby, and sleep a little longer at night.

I love the stage O is in right now. 6 months old and getting a personality. He is incredibly HAPPY. I don't remember his brothers being so smiley and happy. He loves to hold things and study the toys. He wants to know whats going on and turns and rolls to be able to see who's talking and what his crazy brothers are up to.

I love looking forward to whats ahead for my little boy. I can't wait to see him sitting by himself, crawling everywhere, climbing stairs, pulling himself up to stand, everything. My mom always said that she never had a "favorite" stage cause every one was so great. I totally get that. Being a mom is the best. How lucky and honored I feel that I get to have my wonderful boys. They are so sweet, cute, funny, kind, and just the best. I'll say it every day. I can't help it. Love them. They are my world.

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