Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meaning and purpose

Lately I have been pondering going back to work. Just a couple mornings each week. I'm sure I could find sitters for a few hours in the morning. It would give us a little extra cash flow and it would give me some association with someone other than a 2 year old. I said this to my mom the other day and she said "if you go back you know that more and more work will sneak in so you'd have to be careful". It reminded me of an Ensign article probably last year. There was a story of a woman who had to go back to work to fix one of her and her husband's businesses. As the time went on, she got sucked into work and didn't want to come home to her children. She'd find things to do at work to stay longer and sit in her car before coming in each day. She had to make an effort to enjoy being a mom again once she wasn't needed at the company. Find joy in finding the missing shoe. I need to remember these things. If there's any way that I can stay home and raise our babies I need to do that. Whether it is cutting costs here, or finding an "out" for me somehwere else, it's worth it to our Father in Heaven. Soon enough my kiddos will be in school and I can maybe explore the options then. However, that being said, if something came around that I could do at home, I would do it. Decisions, decisions. I hate the big question mark in life sometimes. Wouldn't it be nice to have the book that just told you what you needed to do and what was going to happen? Maybe then it would take out all the fun and surprise. I'm sure this ramble doesn't make much sense but there it is out in the open.
Besides, if I was away from the home I'd miss this. And being able to clean up this.

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