Saturday, January 22, 2011


I love Oliver's fingers. When I nurse him he brings up his free hand and covers his eyes. I love it because babies keep their fingers in a fist for so long and O is now keeping his hands open so I get to actually see those little, tiny fingers. Tonight when I was holding him I just admired those little hands. I tried to take a mental note of what it looked like so that one day when he is a big, tall, handsome man I can look at his hands then...after living his life a little...and reflect back to when I held him in my arms and admired his chubby fingers. They grow up too quick. Everyone says that, but it is true. I love my little babe. Slow down little guy, I'm not ready for you to be big yet.

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Spjut Family said...

love all the blogs. I like this and i think you should keep it up this February as well. I see the deep insides to Dre. Anyway, Shawn and I are poor... how we make it... look at were we live, and look at what we drive. Whala... that's how we make it. :) sometimes I wish we had a house and a yard, and a car we didn't have to roll down the window to open the door. But alas, it all works. Don't worry about your boys too... they are happy, what more can you wish for.