Friday, September 7, 2012


When it came time to buy booster chairs for the twins I looked into them and found that I was looking at about $60-70 for the chairs I wanted at Babies-r-us.  I also found them at Costco and when Brandt and I looked at them, the price was right around there.  Later on when we were discussing it he said he thought they were like $40, not $60.  I thought he was crazy and went ahead and purchased 2 "girly" boosters on KSL with the intent that I would just recover them in cute fabric and wha-la, stylish booster chairs for my kiddies.  I started work on my project and immediatly thought, "What in the crap am I doing?  This is way more labor intensive than I anticipated and I have TWO to do."  And following that proclamation I went to Costco again, ran into the chairs and found them for $34.  WHAT?!?  I must have seen the wrong sign.  So...I paid $25 for each of my boosters, about $30 in fabric for a grand total of $80, AND I'M OUT ALL THAT FREAKIN' TIME I spent working on the dumb chairs.  So, moral of the story is double check the price tags at Costco but at least my chairs are done.  Grrrrrr.....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


After much debate on whether or not to send D&C to preschool I finally gave in and we started preschool this year.  Good move on my part I think.  Their teacher is Mrs. Melanie and they had a great first day.  They were so excited to go and went right in and sat down and didn't care that I was gone.  I know it helps that they have each other.  When I picked them up they said that they were naughty and had to put their heads down.  I asked if it was just them that got in trouble or more kids, too.  Apparently there were more (but I wouldn't be surprised if we were the leaders of the "naughtiness").  I can't believe I'm taking my kids to school already.  They were a little disappointed that they didn't take the school bus.  They asked why Brother Allphin didn't take them.  Time sure does fly.