Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A very merry un-birthday to you!

6 months old. I am in awe that my little O is 6 months old today. 6 months ago right now I was anticipating a long night with my new baby that had just joined us 3 hours prior. Little did I know that little guy would sleep non-stop all night long. I was worried all night because he would not wake up. They finally checked his blood to check the levels at 5 am only to find out they were more than ok and said "let him sleep". He is my angel. He is my sweet, sweet boy. I love him so incredibly much and feel so blessed that I get to see his smiling face each day. Truly, he is such a wonderful soul with a happy, curious spirit. His brothers love him just as much as does his daddy. There is an emmense amount of love in our home right now because of this little guy. Here's to these past 6 wonderful months and a lifetime ahead with our sweet little Oliver!

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