Monday, January 10, 2011


Naps are glorious, naps are a must. I dread the day the naps are gone. The boys had their nap today. It's amazing how much better a child will feel once they have good sleep. After the fiasco on Saturday, late church on Sunday = NO NAPS, I was sure the boys would take advantage of their nap time today. I was not disappointed. Unfotunately for me, O was a little off on his schedule today so he was awake when the twins were down, but just to not have the twins grumpy and whiney was oh so wonderful. I was looking on my external hard-drive for a cute picture of the twins sleeping when they were tiny but apparently my pictures on it don't go back that far so I instead am posting a picture of them one year, five days ago. The difference a year makes in the life of a child. So much change. Notice Dylan with his no teeth. So cute.

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