Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Porter baby

Just wanted to record that I love my Porter kid. He s getting so so big. He's starting to coo and laugh and smile at me and anyone else that takes a minute to tell him how cute he is. He'll almost roll over. Can't quite make it over but he tries.  If I put him down more he'd probably get it but let's face it, he's spoiled. He sleeps most nights from about 7 or 8 and wakes up about 5 or 6. What a super baby. And he's adorable to boot. Couple days ago I noticed he has rubbed a bald spot on the back of his head. The hair on the top is pretty long. Longer than any of my other kids hair was. Anyway, there's a little Porter rant and update.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Preschool Nightmare

Oliver started Preschool this year with Mrs. Melanie.  We've been talking about it and trying to prep him for it.  We've explained that it is where Charlie & Dylan went to preschool and loved it and Mrs. Melanie.  We happened to run into Mrs. Melanie right before Porter was born so he got to see her then.  We took the twins to their school and Oliver was sad that he didn't get to go to school yet.  So then Wednesday, August 27th came and it was Oliver's turn.  He was all excitement and smiles.  Then disaster struck.  We went in to the school and he wouldn't sit with the kids to play with the playdoh.  He wouldn't let go of me.  Everyone else had angel children that came in and were excited to be there.  We were the only freak out.  It was terrible.  Mrs. Melanie said she'd help once everyone came and was welcomed.  So after everyone else left it was my turn.  I pried him off of me and left and as I'm leaving she is holding him back and I hear her say, "we don't hit."  He was flailing and crying/screaming.  I got in my car, took a deep breath, and left.  I figured, she has my number, she'll call if there's a problem.  When I came to pick him up he was all smiles and happy and had a great time.  Mrs. Melanie said that he stood by the door and she showed him how to open it so he didn't feel trapped and after awhile, he came over and joined in on the singing and playing.

That Friday, same procedure.  Me leaving as he is freaking out.  I lost it.  I have not cried taking twins to preschool, kindergarten, or 1st grade.  I got Oliver to preschool with no tears.  But that was the last straw.  It was so heartbreaking to leave with him out of control.  As he was flipping out and I was going out the door (don't mind all the other children sitting on the ground like good boys and girls wondering what the crap is that other kid's problem) and I said, "Oliver, calm down."  It was awful.  I just cried.  But then I picked him up to smiles.  He met a boy that day (unfortunately he is only in the Friday class) and Oliver calls him "black boy."  How do you tell a 4 year old that's inappropriate?!?

No school Monday for Labor Day.

Wednesday we went and I asked him if he could walk back on his own or if I needed to walk him.  He said he could do it but he kept coming back to me with, "Um, Mom...." questions trying to postpone going.  So then I took his hand and walked back and when we got to the door he let go of my hand and in he went.  It was seriously an answer to prayers.

Here we are again on Friday.  And here we are again with him throwing a fit.  I just don't know what to do.  It is so hard.  But I am so grateful that Mrs. Melanie is supportive and willing to handle my fit-throwing-child.  I'm hoping it gets easier and I'm hoping he will learn to love it.  In the meantime, I am a nervous wreck, a bit embarrassed by his behavior, and enjoying it when it's just me and the baby at home for a few hours.  Mixed emotions.

Oliver is such a stubborn boy.  He does not like to do anything unless it is his idea or his brothers are with him.  When I told Papa about this he said he is suffering from twin separation anxiety.  That is exactly what it is!  I've always said he is like a triplet to my twins.  Sheesh....being a momma is tough.