Wednesday, February 25, 2015

He likes me! He really likes me!

Today I picked up Oliver from preschool.  When all the little kids come running around the house I will get out my car to cross the street to pick him up.  Today he came outta the garage with his little friend Makio and said to him, "That's my mom right there with the curly hair."  Like his friend cares but I thought it was cute that he was showing his friend who his mommy was.  I hope he always wants to show his friends who I am.  I hope that I can be their mom and also be close enough with them that they will come to me and not be embarrassed that I am their mom.  Make sense?  I just love these little boys that I get to raise.  It's dang hard and it's been really hard lately for me as I sense what is coming in the future and I just pray that I am guiding them so they will be smart and make good choices.  They are growing up so so so fast and I both love it and hate it.  Ugh.  I can do this, right?  Hope so since there's no "give backs" when it comes to these sweet babies sent to us from God.

By the way.  Porter just got his first two teeth!  AND he started swimming.  Not crawling, swimming.  Sort of an army-crawl of sorts but with flailing arms like a swimmer.  Such a big, smart, funny boy.