Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I had something brilliant I was going to write about today and now that I have a moment to put my thoughts down, it's left my mind. Surprise, surprise. I do have a couple random thoughts though.

1- Oliver rolled from his tummy back to his back today.

2- Oliver now opens his hands and loves to reach for things and hold things. My baby is slipping away.

3- We've offended the deer.

(View out my front door)
I think it's due to us putting up a fence this summer so they can't get into our backyard to eat any leftover apples, not to mention that it was a slow year for the apples this year. It looks as though the deer were sending us a message.

4- Dylan & Charlie are crazy, again...surprise, surprise.

5- Back to Oliver. According to Brandt I have not kept O on a schedule like I did the twins. It's a lot harder to be super strict with O when I am pulled so many directions. I'm sure that is a common occurance the more kids you have. I'm getting a little frusterated because O used to be such a good sleeper and would go all through the night. He got sick and cannot get back in the rhythm. Brandt believes that if I stick to a schedule better O will get on track. Everything I read says that the opportune time to "teach" your baby to sleep on his own is between 4-6 months. I'm a few days away from 6 months (excuse me a minute while I freak out...where in the blankety-blank did the time go???) so the window is closing. Last night O woke up at 3. If I just quickly feed him he goes right back to sleep. I tried to do the check on the baby and tell him to sleep, leave, wait 5 minutes, go back and do it again, leave, wait 15 minutes, give up cause I'm NOT doing this all night, feed, everyone back to bed. I suppose if he does it again tonight we'll do the same routine and see if it will change after a few days. I'm not quite ready for the cold turkey approach. I am loving my snuggling and rocking with him too much to give it up yet. Like I said, my baby is slipping away. I was very diligent and our naps were on time today and that part went well. The motherhood mystery. LOVE IT!!! Literally, I do.

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