Monday, August 26, 2013


Thing 1 and Thing 2 started school this week.  I just can't even believe it.  Leading up to it I was asked quite a bit, "Are you sad?"  No.  I wasn't.  I was ready and so were Dylan & Charlie.  They talked about it this whole last year and I think they thought it was pretty cool that the first day was also their birthday! 

We are starting a tradition of taking them out to breakfast on the first day of school.  We were planning on getting up a little earlier so that we could head on down to Village Inn before school but someone slept in.  Or should I say someones.  Instead I was scrambling to get pictures taken, make a somewhat filling breakfast, teeth brushed, etc.  I took Oliver down to Sandra's house to play while we went to school.  Dylan, Charlie, Me & Dad walked up to the school and the school year official began.  I already love their teacher, Mrs. Lemmon.  Once we got there we did a little scavenger hunt.  The kids drew their faces on a worksheet.  Then the kids went out to play on the playground and learn the safety rules while the parents got the parent rules.  Overall it was great.  No tears.

Because we missed breakfast in the morning, we went for lunch instead.  Next year we'll make it!

Tuesday the boys had their testing.  Their teacher is so excited for them to be in her class because they are so different.  I think she appreciates that they don't look alike or think alike or act alike.  It seems to fascinate her a little.  She said how smart they are and I agree!  Wednesday they had off then school was up and running again on Thursday.  On Friday when I dropped them off I let them go in the main doors (that is closer than walking around to the kindergarten doors) and let them walk down the long hall with the other students and find their class on their own.  That made me a little more teary than the actual first day.  Watching my little guys independently walk with all the big kids and blend into the crowd about killed me.  It's so hard releasing them but so gratifying.  And I must say, I love that they have each other.

We now have homework after school, 20 minutes of reading every day, and I get to walk to and from school two times each day.  Things are a-changin'. 


Oh.My.Goodness!!!  My twins are 5!  Five! Cinco! Holy smokes!  I really never thought we'd get to this point.  When I found out I was finally pregnant I was so excited.  And then we found out we were getting 2 babies and we were so excited.  And then when those sweet babies came to me and it was so hard.  So hard to be a momma.  Caring for 2 infants, not knowing what I was doing.  Having my own momma away and not able to just be there.  Up multiple times a night - for long stretches since there was not 1 but 2 babies to nurture and feed and change and pump for.  And then I remember vividly having them lying on the floor of the basement where we spent a lot of time trying to imagine them running around as little toddlers.  And then we got there and trying to imagine them being old enough to play on their own, reason with, laugh with (or at).  And my clear visualization of my babies went to about that point.  We have crossed a boundary.  We are into a new era.

The twins turned 5 and started elementary school the very same day.  My big boys.  As I type this the tears are wet on my cheeks.  I am so very proud.  I am so very happy.  I am so very blessed.  I love those two clowns (monkeys, turds, etc) with all my heart.  They are the best boys.  They are so sweet and so smart and so kind.  I couldn't ask for anything more!

My mom held her annual "grandma party" on Saturday, Aug. 24.  Since we weren't planning on an official party for the boys we mixed their birthday in with the grandma party.

I made the boys a birthday cake on Sunday and we shared it with some sweet neighbors that invited us for dinner.  No pictures.  But it was a white cake with chocolate frosting.  On top were Jake and the Neverland Pirates figurines for Charlie and a couple boats for Dylan (waverunners on a blue trailer were requested but apparently there are no small waverunners). 

Monday was school in the morning (more on that in another post) and that night we ventured out to Chuck e Cheese.  The boys have seen the commercials for Chuck e Cheese and have talked about going there for months.  So we splurged and took the boys for their birthday.  To say they had a good time is an understatement.  They LOVED it.  We walked in and they were in awe.  Noises, flashing lights, a big mouse, way overpriced, disgusting pizza...what's not to love?

Happy Birthday my sweet babies!  I love you so so so very much!! xo

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bear Lake 2013

The Jensen crew had their annual Bear Lake trip the first part of August.  We went up late Saturday and stayed through the following Thursday.  It was a great week.  I'll admit, before we left I was sort of a negative-nelly but once we were there it was a lot of fun. 

Sunday we got up and just took it easy and went to church that afternoon.
After we came home and had lunch and headed over to Paris, ID to go to the Ice Caves.  It was a long drive and the caves were pretty lame but the company was good so it was alright.
Monday the boys (Brandt, Shawn, Reed, and Russ) went 4wheeling.  Jen and I took the kids down to the water and just played and looked for frogs while Kathy, Kierstin & Kaela went to town to go shopping.
Tuesday we did a little waverunning and playing at the cabin.  Kathy brought out her super soakers and the littles had fun spraying Mimi.
Wednesday the Carter clan came up and played at the beach with us. 
That afternoon we took the 4wheelers out again so that the little ones could go for some rides.  Jen and I stayed back while Oliver and Kailer finished napping and when we drove up after the nap we found them all surrounded by cows!
Thursday we woke up and cleaned the cabin and headed home.  It's funny because we stayed one more day than we normally do and it flew by and I could have stayed a few more.  
A few stories to note:
Charlie sat by Reed at Church.  Mia was on Reed's lap and Charlie looked at him and asked him when it was his turn to snuggle.  Then when Reed was holding him Charlie proceeded to tell him that "he loves Reed more than 4wheelers."  Now that's love!  My boys adore Reed.  He's such a good uncle.

One morning Kierstin braided Mia's hair into two French braids.  So, I braided Brandt's the same way.  So Brandt went up to Mia to show her that they were twins.  Mia looked at him like he was crazy.  I didn't get a picture of it but I know someone did.  The following day we were down at the beach and Brandt was sitting on a chair.  Oliver went up behind him and started playing with his hair and said "Dad, I want you be a girl."  Meaning he wanted his hair braided.

Reed set up a tie-down strap between two of the trees at the cabin and it was like a tight rope.  So everyone was trying to walk across it without falling.  Reed, Shawn and Kaela got pretty serious about it but Dylan wasn't far behind.  He loved it and played on it quite a bit.  And during all that play he took many-a-falls.  Some were pretty hard falls and he'd just get up and say, I'm ok, and hold the tears.