Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The eyes of children

One day last week I went downtown with the boys to have lunch with my sister.  She had made a comment after one of the kids noticed something and she said how fun it is to be around children because they picked up on things we just don't notice anymore as adults.  I thought about it and how true that is.  We are so busy running from here to here that it is easy to ignore lots of what is around us. 

I've also thought a few times this winter about the snow on my front yard.  I remember pre-children when Brandt and I were both working our guts off and were not home too much (because if you can go catch a movie last second, you do, or go to dinner cause you don't want to cook, you do, etc).  I noticed how pretty our lawn looked with no lumpy snow or pathways through it.  Lame, now that I think about it, but it was obvious our home was not a home with little children.

Go forward a few years and our lawn is "extra lumpy."  Pathways carved through the snow.  Footprints abounding.  Mysterious items left out to be stolen or covered in snow.  And that is my life.  And it is spectacular.  Today the kids came home from school and ate lunch while they did homework.  Charlie and Oliver went downstairs to play while Dylan did himself up in his snow clothes.  He went out and shoveled our driveway a little bit and then when I looked out the front window he had laid down in the front lawn, the shovel resting to the side of him.  His arms were sprawled out and he was just there.  Then he got up and was sitting with his back to me and was attempting to cover his legs with snow.  I thought how awesome Dylan is.  I thought how if I was 5, I would want to be his friend.  He is so fun.  He always wants to play.  He is so considerate and will trade something of his with someone else to make them happy.  He is just a good little boy.  Always ready for a hug.  Always ready to tell you a story about whatever is running through his mind.  He sometimes is not very understandable because his words all blend together cause he's trying to get it all out as fast as he can.  He is just a treasure.

There ya go, deep thoughts by drea....

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Dylan and Charlie have been begging for more swimming lessons and I have been putting it off and off because they're expensive!  But when Dylan offered to pay for them with his own money I felt bad and decided we'd scrounge up the money and put the 3 boys in classes for a session.  So they were all excited to go, even Oliver.  Then we got there and Oliver realized that he was in a different class than the twins and it all broke loose from there.  He is the MOST stubborn child and has been terrible at the pool.  The coaches and the supervisor have been amazing with him but I'm so frustrated.  I think this next week I will throw him in the pool and go sit in the hallway so that Oliver might stop crying the entire hour.  They're in the evening and when I am through giving them a shower and getting home at 7:15 or so I am done.  Kids...


We had our ward Christmas party way back before Thanksgiving (do not even get me started on that one) but we meandered over and enjoyed a yummy breakfast, fun games, and of course, SANTA!  The primary was incharge of the making sure Jolly Ol' St. Nick was in attendance so I had an inside source and timed it so we were first to go visit him.  All 3 boys were excited to see him and willingly sat on his lap!  It's a Christmas miracle!  Charlie wants a sword.  Oliver wants a race car, and Dylan wants drums.

Halloween festivities

I adore the fall.  I hate how it is gone before you know it and here we are approaching Christmas.  This year the boys went to Boo at the Zoo with Aunt Heidi, Truman, Granna, and me.  It was a lot of fun and they enjoyed getting to wear their costume before the big day (and bring home a haul of candy, too).
On Halloween the boys had the parade at school and after that they had a program.  The program was way long and they sung a ton of songs.  We were impressed they had learned so many Halloween songs.  Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Rob, Oliver, Mimi, Papa, and Granna all came to see the boys shine.
Then the boys went trick or treating with daddy on the actual night.  I stayed home and handed out treats to the 4 people that came by (ok, there was more than that, just not that many this year).  From what I was told, Dylan was an animal and would have gone all night long.  Oliver didn't last too long and came back home and stayed home with me when they had a bathroom break.  Charlie complained a little but stuck it out as long as Dylan did.  They're getting so big!!

Continuing on...

So Oliver had his little soft cast on for a week and a half and then we went to see the doctor.  It was not a fun visit.  Because all the blood had dried on the gauze and it was stuck to the wound it was not fun to remove.  The nurse/assistant person tried to get it all off and Oliver screamed bloody murder.  Finally she gave up and when the doctor came in she soaked it in some saline.  Hello...why that assistant didn't do that is beyond me.  So once it was all off the doc looked at the sore and said it looked good.  She showed me how to bandage it back up and said I could change it every time he takes a bath or shower or whatever.  I was a good girl and did that every other day.  Each time I knew it was bath time I cringed.  I had a gut ache because I hated to see the wound.  Brandt wouldn't do it so it was my job to wash it up and re-apply the dressing.

First time finger exposed.
October 10th (big picture), October 13th (top right), October 15th (bottom right)
Finally on October 22, at this appointment, he was given the ok that we didn't need to keep it wrapped anymore.  The stitches had healed enough so that it didn't need protection.  That was nice, but then we got to actually SEE the finger.  It has been amazing to watch how quickly it has healed. 
October 22th
We went to the doctor and physical therapist yesterday morning and he has graduated from visits unless there is a problem.  Oliver likes to hold the pinkie out away from the rest of the fingers and is hesitant to use it.  If I notice him not using it I will remind him to use his pinkie but it is not natural for him.  The PT thinks that it is because the sensation is different in that finger so he is nervous to use it.  Doesn't feel natural.  He went so long with it held out that it is hard for it to retrain to be part of the hand.  She is confident though that if we do some sensory activities regularly (bucket of beans, bucket of noodles, shaving cream, play doh, etc.) he will get sensation back and it will feel natural.  The finger is also bending.  I didn't think that tendon would heal.  Because his finger is so tiny it's not like they could find the tendon and stitch it back together so it has had to do this on its own.  So both the tendons and nerves had to heal back together on their own.  And his finger moves!!  Absolutely incredible.  I do stretches with him and practice bending the finger and rub/massage it to get the scar tissue to go away and help the finger to be straight.  I've also used oils on him, too.  I'm not a huge advocate of essential oils but I think there is something to it.  Every night he asks for his "o-yuls."  Love how he says it.  Whatever it is, it's working, whether it is the amazing docs (which he has), his incredible and amazing body (which he has), prayers (which we have felt), or the oils, the combo of it all has healed my baby.

I am hopeful that Oliver will lay low and stop getting hurt but this kid is giving us a run for our money to say the least.  It's a good thing he came to us so darn cute cause otherwise I don't know that I could handle all our adventures we have already had with him.  We sure do love him - and his little finger.

As a side funny story, right after he had the injury we took him to church but he came to primary with me because I didn't want him to risk it getting bumped or hurt by the kids in nursery.  We were in the back of the primary room and Brandt was there and said "Stumps, come here."  Another guy in there looked at Brandt and was like, "isn't that a little too soon to be calling him that?!?"  We laughed and laughed.  Brandt has called Oliver Stumps since the beginning because he has stumpy legs.  The kid is all torso.  So when it was implied that we were referring to his chopped off finger I had to laugh.

Friday, December 6, 2013


So I'm finally going to do it.  I've put off blogging the last few months because I've needed to do this post and I just have not wanted to.  Here goes, though:

On September 27th Brandt and I needed to go into the garage to do some wood projects that he was working on.  So we went out into the garage where his shop was set up and told the boys to go in the backyard and play.  We proceeded to cut some boards down on the table saw and then we needed to plane them down.  There were probably 6-9 boards (been too long, don't remember) and Brandt takes his spot leading the wood in and it is my job to lead it out and pull it back til it is all planed down.  Brandt has a large industrial sized dust collector.  It is like a big vacuum that sucks the extra dust into the machine.  So that is going on, too, a little behind me.  Throughout our working the boys keep wandering in and we're yelling, "OUT!  GO PLAY!"  We are approaching 6pm and I need to go in and make dinner and we're on the very last board.  Where I am it is loud since there is the whir of both the planer and the dust collector.  A few seconds prior Oliver had wandered into the garage and I saw him back by the garage door and he was near the dust collector and the thought went through my brain, "Oh, if he touches the box that holds the engine it will just be a little warm - he'll move his hand." And because I had 1/2 a board to pull through I knew we'd be done in a minute at most.  Next thing I know, Oliver is crying, and Brandt starts SCREAMING.  I turn around and there is blood everywhere on Oliver's hand and I don't know what to do.  In the motor case there is a small vent that no adult finger would be able to go through but Oliver stuck his pinkie through it and the fan that was behind sliced the tip of his finger almost completely off.  Brandt grabs him and we run inside with him to get a towel.  Brandt is saying he has cut his finger off.  I'm asking if it is completely off and we're trying to figure it out.  Oliver is freaking.  So we wrap a towel around his little finger and are yelling for the twins to go to Debbie's house.  Because of the commotion Debbie and Keith have started to wander across the street and they grabbed the twins and took them over to their home while we got in the truck.  I called 911 and asked them if I should go to Primary Childrens or if I should go to the hospital that is closer to us.  They just said probably the nearest hospital.  I knew better as we have not had the most pleasant experiences at Lakeview, but I thought maybe there was a time frame that if we got there sooner there would be a chance of saving his little finger.  So I drove to Lakeview.

They took us right back and Oliver was surprisingly good.  He just layed on Brandt and Brandt just continued to squeeze that little finger.  Oliver just freaked out when they would look at the "owie" and when he got his pic line put in.  And the freak out wasn't much, either.  He hadn't eaten, been through trauma, and if I remember right he hadn't had a nap that day so his body was worn out.  They came in and had to take x-rays to see if there was bone damage.  I left for that so I'm not sure how it went.  They called the hand surgeon in (Friday night - I'm sure he was thrilled), and we waited.  When the surgeon finally got there he said that surprisingly the cut went right between the bones of the most distal knuckle so there was no bone damage.  However, there are two blood supplies that go up either side of the finger.  Obviously the one side was severed and the other side was so far over, it should have been gone, too.  The little mangled tip of his pinkie, though, looked to still be getting some blood to it.  The surgeon called Primary Children's because they are more familiar with vascular needs in the little hands and he wanted to discuss if he thought they could do more than him.  Because it was so far over, he said to amputate.  He said that they could sew it on and have that surgery but if it didn't take, he'd have to have another surgery to amputate at another time.  Primary Children's ER doctor said that there was only like a 1-2% chance that it'll "take."  So I lost it then.  How do you make that decision to take your child's finger off??  So we tried to call Brandt's brother Jason who is a surgeon in Iowa.  He didn't answer so then we texted him that it is an emergency, please call.  Luckily for us he was able to.  His advice without seeing the injury or anything was that as a doctor, you'd probably suggest the amputation.  BUT, as a parent, if there is that slim chance, you might want to go to the children's hospital for (1) a second opinion and (2) there is a chance, why not take the chance.  So we told Lakeview that we wanted to go to Primary's.   This all had been about an hour or so.  To get us released it took another HOUR.  I was getting so mad.  Another hour of his finger just hanging there.  Another hour of possible infection.  What is taking so long!!!  FINALLY, they tell us that we are free to go to the other hospital. 

So we drive like maniacs and get to the other ER.  Of course, they're expecting us, but right before we got there they had a rush of 6 other people so we're at the back of the line.  They took us back into a room and Brandt and Oliver layed down on the bed and they brought him in a movie to watch.  This was probably about 9pm at this point.  O just slept and I just prayed.  The ER doc said that we'd just wait for the hand doctor to even look at it so we would be bothering O more than we had to.  Throughout this whole ordeal I had come to the realization that we were just going to amputate it.  Through the wait and the drive it was becoming more and more ok.  I was grateful to be at Primary Children's because I figured even if we had to amputate the doctors here are used to little fingers and would probably do a better job.  The hand surgeon finally came in about midnight.  The movie had ended so it was a long wait.  The doc walked in and just said, "ok, we'll just sew it on."  No question about it.  She explained how resilient children are and she had all the confidence in the world that this is what we should do.  So they prepped O for surgery.  They drugged him up with Catamene and then they had to sterilize the wound.  I was sobbing.  They had a bucket and hung his little hand over it and the tip of his finger was just flapped open.  They were pouring iodine and saline over it and it was just too much for me.  Then she proceeded to stitch.  And stitch.  And stitch.  Lots and lots of stitches.  I didn't count but think about it, she had to go all the way around a finger.  They also had to keep dosing him with medicine.  He kept waking up and they couldn't risk him moving that little tiny finger while she was stitching so he got a ton of medicine.  He had nicked his middle finger, too, so she either put 2 or three stitches in that finger, too.  Once done she wrapped his hand up with a ton of gauze and then wrapped that with the stuff they use to hold the cottonball on your arm when you get your blood taken.  I don't know what it's called.  They told us not to change it unless it gets wet and we would call to schedule an appointment with another hand doctor in a week.  This was on a Friday night so I couldn't schedule until Monday, then the doctor only sees patients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so we were scheduled to have the hand looked at again on the following Tuesday.  A week and a half after the accident.

Here's some pictures - stop reading if you are squeamish. All of these are Iphone pics so not the very best.  And during the stitching I was trying to be incognito while not losing it so they're not the best.
At Lakeview
At Lakeview - break my heart

Daddy just squeezing that little hand while we wait for prognosis

Stitching mostly complete
Starting to do the bandage

Out like a light.  Drugged up, exhausted, probably around 1:30am.

Mom trying to get him to wake up so we could go home.  He was so out.  Tickling his face with my hair was what finally got him to stir.

Out of it Oliver.  So funny.

The end result of the night.

Fuzzy but good shot of the bandage.  This is a few days after I think.  The little dog stuffed animal was given to him at the hospital.  He named him Doggy Russell that night.  He's still loved.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Thing 1 and Thing 2 started school this week.  I just can't even believe it.  Leading up to it I was asked quite a bit, "Are you sad?"  No.  I wasn't.  I was ready and so were Dylan & Charlie.  They talked about it this whole last year and I think they thought it was pretty cool that the first day was also their birthday! 

We are starting a tradition of taking them out to breakfast on the first day of school.  We were planning on getting up a little earlier so that we could head on down to Village Inn before school but someone slept in.  Or should I say someones.  Instead I was scrambling to get pictures taken, make a somewhat filling breakfast, teeth brushed, etc.  I took Oliver down to Sandra's house to play while we went to school.  Dylan, Charlie, Me & Dad walked up to the school and the school year official began.  I already love their teacher, Mrs. Lemmon.  Once we got there we did a little scavenger hunt.  The kids drew their faces on a worksheet.  Then the kids went out to play on the playground and learn the safety rules while the parents got the parent rules.  Overall it was great.  No tears.

Because we missed breakfast in the morning, we went for lunch instead.  Next year we'll make it!

Tuesday the boys had their testing.  Their teacher is so excited for them to be in her class because they are so different.  I think she appreciates that they don't look alike or think alike or act alike.  It seems to fascinate her a little.  She said how smart they are and I agree!  Wednesday they had off then school was up and running again on Thursday.  On Friday when I dropped them off I let them go in the main doors (that is closer than walking around to the kindergarten doors) and let them walk down the long hall with the other students and find their class on their own.  That made me a little more teary than the actual first day.  Watching my little guys independently walk with all the big kids and blend into the crowd about killed me.  It's so hard releasing them but so gratifying.  And I must say, I love that they have each other.

We now have homework after school, 20 minutes of reading every day, and I get to walk to and from school two times each day.  Things are a-changin'. 


Oh.My.Goodness!!!  My twins are 5!  Five! Cinco! Holy smokes!  I really never thought we'd get to this point.  When I found out I was finally pregnant I was so excited.  And then we found out we were getting 2 babies and we were so excited.  And then when those sweet babies came to me and it was so hard.  So hard to be a momma.  Caring for 2 infants, not knowing what I was doing.  Having my own momma away and not able to just be there.  Up multiple times a night - for long stretches since there was not 1 but 2 babies to nurture and feed and change and pump for.  And then I remember vividly having them lying on the floor of the basement where we spent a lot of time trying to imagine them running around as little toddlers.  And then we got there and trying to imagine them being old enough to play on their own, reason with, laugh with (or at).  And my clear visualization of my babies went to about that point.  We have crossed a boundary.  We are into a new era.

The twins turned 5 and started elementary school the very same day.  My big boys.  As I type this the tears are wet on my cheeks.  I am so very proud.  I am so very happy.  I am so very blessed.  I love those two clowns (monkeys, turds, etc) with all my heart.  They are the best boys.  They are so sweet and so smart and so kind.  I couldn't ask for anything more!

My mom held her annual "grandma party" on Saturday, Aug. 24.  Since we weren't planning on an official party for the boys we mixed their birthday in with the grandma party.

I made the boys a birthday cake on Sunday and we shared it with some sweet neighbors that invited us for dinner.  No pictures.  But it was a white cake with chocolate frosting.  On top were Jake and the Neverland Pirates figurines for Charlie and a couple boats for Dylan (waverunners on a blue trailer were requested but apparently there are no small waverunners). 

Monday was school in the morning (more on that in another post) and that night we ventured out to Chuck e Cheese.  The boys have seen the commercials for Chuck e Cheese and have talked about going there for months.  So we splurged and took the boys for their birthday.  To say they had a good time is an understatement.  They LOVED it.  We walked in and they were in awe.  Noises, flashing lights, a big mouse, way overpriced, disgusting pizza...what's not to love?

Happy Birthday my sweet babies!  I love you so so so very much!! xo

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bear Lake 2013

The Jensen crew had their annual Bear Lake trip the first part of August.  We went up late Saturday and stayed through the following Thursday.  It was a great week.  I'll admit, before we left I was sort of a negative-nelly but once we were there it was a lot of fun. 

Sunday we got up and just took it easy and went to church that afternoon.
After we came home and had lunch and headed over to Paris, ID to go to the Ice Caves.  It was a long drive and the caves were pretty lame but the company was good so it was alright.
Monday the boys (Brandt, Shawn, Reed, and Russ) went 4wheeling.  Jen and I took the kids down to the water and just played and looked for frogs while Kathy, Kierstin & Kaela went to town to go shopping.
Tuesday we did a little waverunning and playing at the cabin.  Kathy brought out her super soakers and the littles had fun spraying Mimi.
Wednesday the Carter clan came up and played at the beach with us. 
That afternoon we took the 4wheelers out again so that the little ones could go for some rides.  Jen and I stayed back while Oliver and Kailer finished napping and when we drove up after the nap we found them all surrounded by cows!
Thursday we woke up and cleaned the cabin and headed home.  It's funny because we stayed one more day than we normally do and it flew by and I could have stayed a few more.  
A few stories to note:
Charlie sat by Reed at Church.  Mia was on Reed's lap and Charlie looked at him and asked him when it was his turn to snuggle.  Then when Reed was holding him Charlie proceeded to tell him that "he loves Reed more than 4wheelers."  Now that's love!  My boys adore Reed.  He's such a good uncle.

One morning Kierstin braided Mia's hair into two French braids.  So, I braided Brandt's the same way.  So Brandt went up to Mia to show her that they were twins.  Mia looked at him like he was crazy.  I didn't get a picture of it but I know someone did.  The following day we were down at the beach and Brandt was sitting on a chair.  Oliver went up behind him and started playing with his hair and said "Dad, I want you be a girl."  Meaning he wanted his hair braided.

Reed set up a tie-down strap between two of the trees at the cabin and it was like a tight rope.  So everyone was trying to walk across it without falling.  Reed, Shawn and Kaela got pretty serious about it but Dylan wasn't far behind.  He loved it and played on it quite a bit.  And during all that play he took many-a-falls.  Some were pretty hard falls and he'd just get up and say, I'm ok, and hold the tears. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


What is it with boys and using the toilet?  First of all, how do you miss so much?  And if that wasn't bad enough, why do you always want to go outside and not use the inside toilet?  Because you can't aim right?  I get my boys peeing on the tree (thank you Brandt for teaching them that one).  But we have had pee arching beautifully off the 2nd story of the playhouse out back.  The other day Oliver just opened the back door, dropped his pants and let it fly.  Today I had Dylan or Oliver (can't remember) coming in and letting me know that Charlie peed either off of the trailer or next to the trailer or under the trailer.  Not sure how it happened, just saw the pee trail on the ground in the garage.  And then, WHY CAN'T WE WAKE UP TO PEE AT NIGHT?!?!?  I feel like we are NEVER going to be out of "nighttimes."  I think Oliver has maybe gone one night...EVER....with waking up dry.  And the twins are so sporadic but I think it is more off than on.  So sick of urine...

Monday, July 22, 2013

And it continues...

I've been running around like a lunatic this morning.  I woke up to find Charlie & Dylan had gotten out the scissors and opened Oliver's birthday present themselves.  I told them to put it all back.  They did.  Then I taught piano for an hour and a half and Oliver got into it and was playing with some parts.  So when I was putting it together 2 pieces are missing.  So I've been freaking out telling them to find the pieces.  No such luck so I took the new toys away telling them they can't play with any until the pieces are found.  Then I was yelling telling the boys to put their bikes away so they don't get stolen.  And on and on.  I am a bit frazzled.  I just made lunch and asked Charlie to bless it.  His prayer went something like:

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day.  Please bless the food.  Please bless that mom can have a good day.  I don't like her to be mean.  Bless the missionaries.  Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out.....

Saturday, July 20, 2013

This one...

This one may make it so that I don't make it to old age.  This one is trouble.  I mean, look at him, stink all over that face.  Man, oh man, he will be our struggle.  We had quite the event last night proving this point.

Brandt and I and another couple went up to Deer Valley to see Steve Martin and the Utah Symphony play a concert.  The other couple's 17 year old daughter came over to watch the boys.  The twins met her once when Brandt was doing some work at her house and Oliver had never met her.  We talked about it all week and they boys were stoked, counting down the days, hours, minutes until she arrived to watch them.  They were watching out the window and they finally arrived.  Then it all fell apart.   The boys all hid and wanted her to find them.  She did but Charlie wouldn't come out.  When he finally did the waterworks started.  And because his started, so did Oliver's.  So this poor girl is probably, like, "What the crap did I agree to?"  I kept saying, as soon as we leave they'll be fine, I promise.  Little did I know...I was a big, fat liar.

The concert was great, company was great, etc.  We drove down the canyon and walked in.  She came over and said, "Everything is fine, but we need to talk."  Oh great.  She proceeded to tell us that Charlie stayed in his room for about a 1/2 hour after we left (I had put him in there and told him to stay until he felt better).  She went to the bathroom for a minute and when she got out, he wasn't crying anymore.  She went to check on him and he was gone.  She looked all over and he was no where to be seen.  So then she started freaking out.  She had Oliver and Dylan helping her try to find him and no luck.  She went to our next door neighbors to see if he was there, no.  Went to the next house (which we go over there quite a bit to garden) and no luck.  Dan got in his truck with D & O and they drove up to the cemetery and around the neighborhood to see if they could find him.  She came back  and was looking around the house again and didn't know what else to do before calling us or the police.  So, she kneeled down and said a prayer.  She said she got up, turned around, and Charlie had come up the stairs, not even 10 seconds after finishing.  She said she was just sobbing.  Apparently Charlie had gone down into our bedroom and locked the door.  She thought we had locked before we left it since it was our room and was respecting our privacy.  Charlie went into the back of our closet hiding behind our food storage.  He wanted her to "find" her.  In the process giving her immense emotional turmoil.  I felt so bad.  That sort of deal is NOT acceptable of my children.  I was embarrassed.  Never should of happened.

When I told my mom about his escapades she just said, "You know, I've told you from early on he is going to be a handful."  He is such an independent, bossy, I-want-it-my-way sort of child.  If it's not done the way he sees fit, or things aren't just so, he falls apart.   OR if he is short on sleep same story.  He doesn't need as much sleep as the rest of us but if he is lacking at all, watch out.  I don't know.  My kids have been fairly good.  Everyone says how great they are and I know they really are, but when you're with them day in and day out it's another story.  I'm really trying to enjoy it all.  The good and the bad.  But let me say out loud, IT IS HARD!  I'm continuously told that, and I quote, am the meanest mom in the universe.  That's right, universe.  Trying to usher O to his nap just now and I got "mom, you mean."  It all pays off in the end, right?  Tonight when they're all sacked out and peaceful in their dreams I will look at them and think, "yes, it IS worth it."  Just gotta hang in there until then.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Renewed hope in humanity

This morning Oliver had his 3 year check-up.  It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I never set up appointments for the kids so when I called there was nothing available until one late August and two together in September.  I was on the cancel list and got a call yesterday to come this morning.  It worked out splendid because Oliver would not go to bed last night and was fussing about his ear hurting.  So at his appointment today, Dr. Kathy checked out his ear and said he had some inflammation and fluid in his left ear.  We chose to treat it and had a prescription sent over to Costco. (by the way - otherwise healthy little boy.  we're so lucky.)

We got to Costco right as they were opening for the day.  Apparently a few of us needed prescriptions so I was told 30-40 minutes.  That's dangerous.  Wandering the isles of Costco with no purchase?  Screaming impulse buys.  Anyway, once we were about to the 40 minute mark (I think) we wandered back to the pharmacy and took a seat in the waiting area.  I was watching as a woman came to the counter to see if her prescription was ready.  She asked if the insurance was covering it.  The lady let her know that the prescription wasn't quite ready but that the insurance was good.  It would be another minute.  I watched her walk away and there was a VERY old man hunched over his cart going down the vitamin isle.  I watched her as she stopped and asked him if she could help him with anything.  It warmed my heart.  I was so grateful to witness that little moment.  So many times I am wrapped up in myself and frazzled from dealing with our rambunctious boys that I tune out the rest.  Think that I've already filled my quota of human participation in this world.  She walked up and down with him and then came back and asked if she could sit by us.  I told her "sure, as long as you don't mind the crazies."  She sat down and promptly asked if the boys would want to watch a movie on her phone while we wait (asked me, too, if it was ok).  So the boys all sat down and watched about 3 minutes of opening credits before my prescription was finished.  But the thought meant a lot.  How sweet of this woman to help out whomever  is in her path.  I need to be more like that.  Keep my eyes up and open and reach out to those that you can help.  Even if it's just for 3 minutes.

There have been many times I've been heard saying, "I hate people."  I don't literally hate people but I have a hard time with the things people do.  This morning I loved people.  It was a rarity and I need to make sure that I remember that there are good ones out there, too.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Today's Conversation

I was helping Oliver find his shoes so he could go out with his brothers.  In the process I found Dylan's sandals which means he went out barefoot.  So, I opened the door, tossed out the shoes and said, "Dylan, you have to wear your freakin shoes outside!"  I shut the door and continued to make their sandwiches for lunch.  Charlie came in side.

Charlie:  Can I watch movies?
Me:  No, go play outside.
Charlie:  I don't have my freakin shoes on.

Stifled laugh.  Mentally slapped my mouth.  I have GOT to watch what I say....

Charlie is also obsessed with the Les Mis soundtrack.  He LOVES the opening song "look down, look down...."  He sings it all the time.  He is slowly picking up the lyrics so he is in his room right now singing and I am hearing, "Look down, look down, it's hot as hell below."  Oh man....

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Preschool Graduation!

On May 29th my little twinners graduated from Mrs. Melanie's Preschool!  They're getting all grown up and will be going to kindergarten in the fall.  KINDERGARTEN, PEOPLE!  What in the world???  They were adorable and had a little program.  Grandma, Grandpa, Robert, Mimi, and Papa came to show their support.  We sure are lucky that we have such an amazing family that loves us.  Congratulations Dylan & Charlie!  Mommy & Daddy are so proud.

Newport Beach, CA

The boys and I took off for a little vacay minus daddy at the end of May.  We rented a minivan and drove down with grandma, grandpa, and Robert.  We drove all day Saturday and arrived at Crestline, CA that evening.  My dad's brother lives there and we planned to spend a few days with them.  Crestline is just above the San Bernadino valley.  It is amazing.  It is up the mountain and the roads are all curvy and straight up.  The homes are built right into the mountain.  It is beautiful but it is crazy how it is all laid out. 

While there we went to church, walked the dog Murphy,
played games, visited Lake Gregory and fed the ducks (right there on the mountain below their house) and Lake Arrowhead and fed the ducks (which is a touristy place). 

Big Bear is up around those parts, too, but we didn't venture that way.  We stayed with them until Tuesday and then drove down to the Newport Coast Villas to stay until Friday morning.  Brenda flew in Tuesday night and Robert flew home on Wednesday night.  While there we went to the beach and swam at the pool.  It was beautiful and a little out of this world.  We saw so many cars worth double my house.  Who are these people and what do they do to afford living there?  Unbelievable homes on the coast. 

I tell you though, there is something to said for a little sea-air.  I love me some beach.  It was good to be home and back to daddy.  I missed him terribly and it was fun to see his face again (literally....he shaved, hallelujah!).

Friday, April 26, 2013


This last Wednesday was fieldtrip day at preschool.  I took the twins as well as Oliver and we visited the Bountiful Firestation.  We got to watch a little video, learn about what to do in case of a fire (and got tips of things I guess my kids are old enough I need to start teaching and talking about, opps), checked out the fire trucks, saw the fire pole and their uniforms, and played at the park for a bit.  The boys came away with their own badge and fire hat.  I call that a success!

Spring has finally sprung!

My windows are open, my kids are constantly outside, the bees are must finally be SPRING!!!

I made lunch for the kiddos and let them eat out in the shade
and glanced up to admire this:
It means two things.
1) soon I will have a tree full of beautiful blossoms and
2) there will be apples this year!!!

I feel like I was gipped last year since it was a non-producing year.  We will again have applesauce, apple crisp, apples to eat, and apples to pick up off the ground.  Yea!