Thursday, March 26, 2009

7 months

7 months old today. Are you kidding me?!?
Here's their photos from the big day:

Friday, March 20, 2009

RIP Rocky Dog

It is the 1 year anniversary today of the passing of sweet Rocky dog. What a good boy. Yesterday each time when I would go up stairs I would look out our back window and I could see the dog that lives at the house behind ours. His coloring and size is a lot like Rocky's. Everytime I would check on him he would be laying on a different spot in the yard just taking a snoozer, enjoying the sunshine. Made me think of Rocky and how appropriate that is at this time of year. We do miss him...

6 months...a little late

Now that we're almost 7 months I will post a little about their 6 month check-up and I finally got my adorable 6 month photos back. At their appointment they were:

Dylan -
Weight: 15 lbs, 7%
Height: 26 inches, 29%
Head: 42 3/4 inches, 9%

Charlie -
Weight: 17 lbs, 36%
Height: 26 inches, 29%
Head: 43 inches, 22%

So, they are still at the bottom of the percentiles but that is to be expected in twins I suppose. I think they're just perfect, though. They do all the things that they're supposed to, but Charlie is a little lazier than his bro. I think it is those extra 2 pounds he has on Dylan. They're getting close to sitting on their own but still not quite there. I have seen Charlie flip over from his belly to his back once but that is it for rolling. Dylan on the other hand should be crawling very soon. He is my wiggler. Here are a few of the cute pictures we had taken at the 6 month mark. Sooo cute (there's a lot, couldn't help myself):

Monday, March 16, 2009

What do you do all day?

So the past week or so I have been asked a couple times what I do all day. I usually answer, "I don't know, just take care of the babies." This has got me thinking...what do I do?? Lets see:
  1. Wash bottles and pump "stuff" - about a month ago I had put a little sticky by my sink and just tallied each time I washed a bottle. Turns out I wash about 25 bottles daily. My boys don't drink 25 bottles but I do pump frequently and that is 2 bottles each time, too.

  2. Diapers, Diapers, Diapers - usually 12-15 diaper changes per day. It varies depending on the day, haha.

  3. Pump...the dreaded pump - Can I tell you how sick I am of that stinkin' pump? I started out pumping at least 7 times a day. I tried to do it every 2 hours but I have cut back since the boys are starting solid foods. I usually average 5-7 times at the pump per day. I will usually sit there at least 15 minutes but sometimes it is a little less and sometimes a little more. That equates to 1-2 hours sitting at the pump. Yuck...I cannot wait for that milestone where I can give them cows milk (ok, I can, I don't want to wish away their "baby-ness").

  4. Work - I do work a little from home. Depending on the day it could be nothing or a few hours of work. I try to do it while the boys sleep cause otherwise I have to do it at night and miss spending time with my cute hubby.

  5. Clean up - how does the house get so messy? I swear I try to keep things organized but there is ALWAYS something that needs straightening. One day when I'm rich I'll hire a housekeeper. While they're at it they can wash all those bottles for me!

Having twins is a whirlwind. Everyone I have spoken to with twins of their own say that once that first year is over it gets a little easier (sorta). They say that you don't really remember the first year and I completly get that. Running, running, running. But I love it. I love them. I am so, so, so lucky. I cannot say that enough. My boys are honestly the best boys ever.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

for fun

I love this picture so I thought I'd share. We hit the big 6 month mark. I went and had pictures taken last week. As soon as I get them back I'll post...I know there are some darn cute ones!