Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We have a tooth, no wait, there is no tooth, oh wait, yes, there is a tooth

So we finally have a tooth (or two). I was starting to think that my kids didn't have teeth at all! A few weeks ago I had a neighbor lady over and I was telling her that Dylan was being rotten and he better get a tooth after all his naughty-ness. She looked and sure enough, there was a little nubbin. Once Brandt got home we looked and there was no tooth. So we had a case of the disappearing tooth. We waited a few more days and then wa-lah...Charlie had a tooth. A few days later Dylan finally got one (that stuck around). Yesterday Charlie got another one so we are officially teething. Let me tell you, it's fun with two babies teething. Anyone who wants to experience that one, come on over. It's barrels of smiles and giggles. They are stinkin' cute though. I guess I gotta start teaching them to brush those teeth. One more thing to add to the "to do" list.
Dylan's Tooth
Look, can you see my tooth?? Here it is, see?? Funny Charlie...
We played on the swing for the first time today. Do you think they liked it?!? Yep! It's our new favorite!

Happy Birthday Old Man!!!

Guess who had a birthday??? It wasn't me, that's for sure! My mom wanted to make Brandt a birthday dinner so the fam-dam came up to our house and we celebrated the old guy's big day. We thought it would be funny to have a theme so we had a Pirate Birthday Party and ate Hootenanny Pancakes. I love these guys. Aarrrrg matey!
This is Cedar, also known as Bugaboo.

Grow little ones, grow!

I am growing tomatos this year! I tried once when we were living in our apartment but I forgot to water them one too many times so it croaked. I'm giving it a whirl again. I am very, very proud of myself. I begged Brandt for a grow box and he poo-pooed the idea and claimed that I wouldn't water my plants (and he thinks everything I want to grow is gross). I am on a mission to prove him wrong and maybe next year when I beg and plead and talk the idea into the ground he will give in and say yes. I've already eaten a handful of my yummy cherry-roma tomatos and many more are on the verge of being ready. I've never been one to keep anything alive so the fact that I got these going just makes me proud. What can I say???

Thursday, July 16, 2009


So the other day I had a moment. Brandt had finally hung up the swing we bought forever ago for the boys only to find that we need to get some wires to hang it down a little lower from the tree. Needless to say, it just hangs there for the time being until we can get around to fixing it. Here is the view I see from my kitchen window above the sink. I spend a lot of time there and see that swing multiple times thoughout the day. I almost cry each time I see it because I am sooooo grateful that I am able to have a swing in my backyard tree for MY children. It may seem silly but it is such a blessing to have my sweet babies. They are miracle babies and I am truly humbled each time I think about it. We waited and prayed for these two for many years and not a moment goes by that I am not grateful to my Heavenly Father for trusting me with these wonderful sons of his. Thank goodness for swings, eh?

Baths continued...

Remember my post about figuring out how to bathe these two together in the big tub? Well, it's getting way better and I think I got it down. However, these squirmy rascals sometimes get away before I slap that diaper back on them. I love seeing those cute bums crawling around. Sometimes I will wait and just see what they do in their nakedness. Do you not just want to eat them up???? Seriously! Love them!

Good little helpers!

We are turning into the best little helpers! We love to be at mom's feet doing whatever she is doing.
We love to help with the dishes.
We love to help play the piano. We love to go out of the house, in fact, we'll just get ourselves in our carseats. No need for you to do it, Mom. And we love to investigate things together. We are usually great playmates. Every day is precious and I love watching these two learn and grow.