Saturday, April 25, 2009

8 months tomorrow

Holy cow, where does all the time go? My babies are 8 months old tomorrow. They are getting so big and getting so fun. They are busy, busy boys and they aren't even crawling yet! I keep trying to prep myself for the future because I know as soon as they are a little more mobile I will be in for it. In the meantime, I just enjoy sitting and playing with them and their toys.

Here are some pictures of them. Dylan is such a card when I pull out the camera and Charlie turns into Mr. Serious. This first picture of the boys notice that there are pants in front of them. Yes, those are Dylan's pants that he squirmed out of. He is so wiggly and so skinny that pants just slide off of him. It's a constant battle to keep socks and now pants on them. They make me laugh.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Walks & Easter

I LOVE that it is getting warmer out. I also love when Brandt gets off work early enough to go take a quick walk before we need to put the boys down for the night. Dylan & Charlie love the stroller. They just sit there like good little boys and check things out. Charlie has been known to take a little snoozer during the walk, too. We've been alternating who gets the front. I'm sure one day there will be arguments about that. For now, it's nice that they can't complain.

Easter was a little different this year. We spent Saturday afternoon at Brandt's Dad's house and had Easter dinner and the egg hunt. On Sunday we went to church and just stayed home the rest of the day. All four of us even took an afternoon nap. How great is that?!? It was a very quiet day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weiner Doggies

Hey Mollz, thanks for the darling shirts! Aren't they cute? As you can see, Dylan was crying...I think because I made him be the butt! I'll do more posts another day. I had two seconds (and only two) so enjoy: