Sunday, January 9, 2011


So here's what went down yesterday. I put my boys down somewhere around the 1 o'clock range for a nap each day. Not every day they sleep, but I lock them in their room so they'll at least attempt to sleep. Yesterday I put them down. I fed O and put him down. Brandt is still building cabinets and I went out about 2 to do some work in the garage since the bambinos were asleep (or at least safe in their room). I worked for an hour and was going to go for one more hour but wanted to check on the kids to make sure O wasn't awake and screaming. I opened the door to listen and heard noise in the basement. Charlie came around the corner at the bottom of the stairs. Apparently I forgot to lock their door and the boys got curious and tried the knob. I went downstair all upset. That was just the beginning. Charlie had chocolate and nuts shmeared on his chin. Dylan was sitting on the couch where Brandt normally sits and in front of him was my opened laptop, an opened container of english toffee Brandt's mom gave him for Christmas, and the tv remote in his hand. On the tv it was to the screen where you just have to push a button to rent a movie. Are you kidding me? I don't know what I was more mad about. I sent them both to the corner and spent the next few minutes trying to get my computer to turn on and remove the chocolate and nuts on it. Dylan kept turning around in the corner and smiling at me so I drug him back upstairs and threw him in his room, only to see that apparently I didn't lock the closet door, either, and all their toys were strewn about. I was too mad to do anything and just left him there and shut the door. Charlie was still standing in the corner. What do you do in a situation like that? They are so little that you really can't convey the severity of what they did, but you need to at least try to let them know it was wrong. It's hard being a mom sometime. Needless to say, I was fed up. My wonderful husband came home and took my bundled up kids out to the garage with him so I could have a moment of sanity inside. I was able to make dinner without my "helpers" and it was much appreciated. I sure do love my little guys. They are a handful and they will keep me on my toes I'm sure for the rest of my life.

PS - I swear I feed my kids but occasionally they need a snack. Sick.


allison said...

Oh how I feel your pain.

Mike and Meg said...

Oh my heck. I cannot even imagine. Having one that gets into trouble, but 2. I am so sorry. You will look back and laugh.