Saturday, July 20, 2013

This one...

This one may make it so that I don't make it to old age.  This one is trouble.  I mean, look at him, stink all over that face.  Man, oh man, he will be our struggle.  We had quite the event last night proving this point.

Brandt and I and another couple went up to Deer Valley to see Steve Martin and the Utah Symphony play a concert.  The other couple's 17 year old daughter came over to watch the boys.  The twins met her once when Brandt was doing some work at her house and Oliver had never met her.  We talked about it all week and they boys were stoked, counting down the days, hours, minutes until she arrived to watch them.  They were watching out the window and they finally arrived.  Then it all fell apart.   The boys all hid and wanted her to find them.  She did but Charlie wouldn't come out.  When he finally did the waterworks started.  And because his started, so did Oliver's.  So this poor girl is probably, like, "What the crap did I agree to?"  I kept saying, as soon as we leave they'll be fine, I promise.  Little did I know...I was a big, fat liar.

The concert was great, company was great, etc.  We drove down the canyon and walked in.  She came over and said, "Everything is fine, but we need to talk."  Oh great.  She proceeded to tell us that Charlie stayed in his room for about a 1/2 hour after we left (I had put him in there and told him to stay until he felt better).  She went to the bathroom for a minute and when she got out, he wasn't crying anymore.  She went to check on him and he was gone.  She looked all over and he was no where to be seen.  So then she started freaking out.  She had Oliver and Dylan helping her try to find him and no luck.  She went to our next door neighbors to see if he was there, no.  Went to the next house (which we go over there quite a bit to garden) and no luck.  Dan got in his truck with D & O and they drove up to the cemetery and around the neighborhood to see if they could find him.  She came back  and was looking around the house again and didn't know what else to do before calling us or the police.  So, she kneeled down and said a prayer.  She said she got up, turned around, and Charlie had come up the stairs, not even 10 seconds after finishing.  She said she was just sobbing.  Apparently Charlie had gone down into our bedroom and locked the door.  She thought we had locked before we left it since it was our room and was respecting our privacy.  Charlie went into the back of our closet hiding behind our food storage.  He wanted her to "find" her.  In the process giving her immense emotional turmoil.  I felt so bad.  That sort of deal is NOT acceptable of my children.  I was embarrassed.  Never should of happened.

When I told my mom about his escapades she just said, "You know, I've told you from early on he is going to be a handful."  He is such an independent, bossy, I-want-it-my-way sort of child.  If it's not done the way he sees fit, or things aren't just so, he falls apart.   OR if he is short on sleep same story.  He doesn't need as much sleep as the rest of us but if he is lacking at all, watch out.  I don't know.  My kids have been fairly good.  Everyone says how great they are and I know they really are, but when you're with them day in and day out it's another story.  I'm really trying to enjoy it all.  The good and the bad.  But let me say out loud, IT IS HARD!  I'm continuously told that, and I quote, am the meanest mom in the universe.  That's right, universe.  Trying to usher O to his nap just now and I got "mom, you mean."  It all pays off in the end, right?  Tonight when they're all sacked out and peaceful in their dreams I will look at them and think, "yes, it IS worth it."  Just gotta hang in there until then.

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Schmath said...

That poor babysitter! My mom says that when I was little, I fell asleep in my brother's closet, and the babysitter couldn't find me and called the police. I wonder how often they get missing child calls and find the kid in the closet. A few weeks ago, at the cabin, I went to check on sully on the porch, and he wasn't there. Apparently he and The dog had decided to go on a walk in the woods. I found him about 100 yards down the path, near a stream. Scariest moment I my life.