Monday, July 15, 2013

Today's Conversation

I was helping Oliver find his shoes so he could go out with his brothers.  In the process I found Dylan's sandals which means he went out barefoot.  So, I opened the door, tossed out the shoes and said, "Dylan, you have to wear your freakin shoes outside!"  I shut the door and continued to make their sandwiches for lunch.  Charlie came in side.

Charlie:  Can I watch movies?
Me:  No, go play outside.
Charlie:  I don't have my freakin shoes on.

Stifled laugh.  Mentally slapped my mouth.  I have GOT to watch what I say....

Charlie is also obsessed with the Les Mis soundtrack.  He LOVES the opening song "look down, look down...."  He sings it all the time.  He is slowly picking up the lyrics so he is in his room right now singing and I am hearing, "Look down, look down, it's hot as hell below."  Oh man....

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mcmullins said...

Atta girl! Love ya, you are doin a great job :D