Thursday, December 12, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Dylan and Charlie have been begging for more swimming lessons and I have been putting it off and off because they're expensive!  But when Dylan offered to pay for them with his own money I felt bad and decided we'd scrounge up the money and put the 3 boys in classes for a session.  So they were all excited to go, even Oliver.  Then we got there and Oliver realized that he was in a different class than the twins and it all broke loose from there.  He is the MOST stubborn child and has been terrible at the pool.  The coaches and the supervisor have been amazing with him but I'm so frustrated.  I think this next week I will throw him in the pool and go sit in the hallway so that Oliver might stop crying the entire hour.  They're in the evening and when I am through giving them a shower and getting home at 7:15 or so I am done.  Kids...

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