Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The eyes of children

One day last week I went downtown with the boys to have lunch with my sister.  She had made a comment after one of the kids noticed something and she said how fun it is to be around children because they picked up on things we just don't notice anymore as adults.  I thought about it and how true that is.  We are so busy running from here to here that it is easy to ignore lots of what is around us. 

I've also thought a few times this winter about the snow on my front yard.  I remember pre-children when Brandt and I were both working our guts off and were not home too much (because if you can go catch a movie last second, you do, or go to dinner cause you don't want to cook, you do, etc).  I noticed how pretty our lawn looked with no lumpy snow or pathways through it.  Lame, now that I think about it, but it was obvious our home was not a home with little children.

Go forward a few years and our lawn is "extra lumpy."  Pathways carved through the snow.  Footprints abounding.  Mysterious items left out to be stolen or covered in snow.  And that is my life.  And it is spectacular.  Today the kids came home from school and ate lunch while they did homework.  Charlie and Oliver went downstairs to play while Dylan did himself up in his snow clothes.  He went out and shoveled our driveway a little bit and then when I looked out the front window he had laid down in the front lawn, the shovel resting to the side of him.  His arms were sprawled out and he was just there.  Then he got up and was sitting with his back to me and was attempting to cover his legs with snow.  I thought how awesome Dylan is.  I thought how if I was 5, I would want to be his friend.  He is so fun.  He always wants to play.  He is so considerate and will trade something of his with someone else to make them happy.  He is just a good little boy.  Always ready for a hug.  Always ready to tell you a story about whatever is running through his mind.  He sometimes is not very understandable because his words all blend together cause he's trying to get it all out as fast as he can.  He is just a treasure.

There ya go, deep thoughts by drea....

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