Friday, August 23, 2013

Bear Lake 2013

The Jensen crew had their annual Bear Lake trip the first part of August.  We went up late Saturday and stayed through the following Thursday.  It was a great week.  I'll admit, before we left I was sort of a negative-nelly but once we were there it was a lot of fun. 

Sunday we got up and just took it easy and went to church that afternoon.
After we came home and had lunch and headed over to Paris, ID to go to the Ice Caves.  It was a long drive and the caves were pretty lame but the company was good so it was alright.
Monday the boys (Brandt, Shawn, Reed, and Russ) went 4wheeling.  Jen and I took the kids down to the water and just played and looked for frogs while Kathy, Kierstin & Kaela went to town to go shopping.
Tuesday we did a little waverunning and playing at the cabin.  Kathy brought out her super soakers and the littles had fun spraying Mimi.
Wednesday the Carter clan came up and played at the beach with us. 
That afternoon we took the 4wheelers out again so that the little ones could go for some rides.  Jen and I stayed back while Oliver and Kailer finished napping and when we drove up after the nap we found them all surrounded by cows!
Thursday we woke up and cleaned the cabin and headed home.  It's funny because we stayed one more day than we normally do and it flew by and I could have stayed a few more.  
A few stories to note:
Charlie sat by Reed at Church.  Mia was on Reed's lap and Charlie looked at him and asked him when it was his turn to snuggle.  Then when Reed was holding him Charlie proceeded to tell him that "he loves Reed more than 4wheelers."  Now that's love!  My boys adore Reed.  He's such a good uncle.

One morning Kierstin braided Mia's hair into two French braids.  So, I braided Brandt's the same way.  So Brandt went up to Mia to show her that they were twins.  Mia looked at him like he was crazy.  I didn't get a picture of it but I know someone did.  The following day we were down at the beach and Brandt was sitting on a chair.  Oliver went up behind him and started playing with his hair and said "Dad, I want you be a girl."  Meaning he wanted his hair braided.

Reed set up a tie-down strap between two of the trees at the cabin and it was like a tight rope.  So everyone was trying to walk across it without falling.  Reed, Shawn and Kaela got pretty serious about it but Dylan wasn't far behind.  He loved it and played on it quite a bit.  And during all that play he took many-a-falls.  Some were pretty hard falls and he'd just get up and say, I'm ok, and hold the tears. 

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