Sunday, June 2, 2013

Newport Beach, CA

The boys and I took off for a little vacay minus daddy at the end of May.  We rented a minivan and drove down with grandma, grandpa, and Robert.  We drove all day Saturday and arrived at Crestline, CA that evening.  My dad's brother lives there and we planned to spend a few days with them.  Crestline is just above the San Bernadino valley.  It is amazing.  It is up the mountain and the roads are all curvy and straight up.  The homes are built right into the mountain.  It is beautiful but it is crazy how it is all laid out. 

While there we went to church, walked the dog Murphy,
played games, visited Lake Gregory and fed the ducks (right there on the mountain below their house) and Lake Arrowhead and fed the ducks (which is a touristy place). 

Big Bear is up around those parts, too, but we didn't venture that way.  We stayed with them until Tuesday and then drove down to the Newport Coast Villas to stay until Friday morning.  Brenda flew in Tuesday night and Robert flew home on Wednesday night.  While there we went to the beach and swam at the pool.  It was beautiful and a little out of this world.  We saw so many cars worth double my house.  Who are these people and what do they do to afford living there?  Unbelievable homes on the coast. 

I tell you though, there is something to said for a little sea-air.  I love me some beach.  It was good to be home and back to daddy.  I missed him terribly and it was fun to see his face again (literally....he shaved, hallelujah!).

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