Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Pretty Bird"

Yesterday I ventured downtown. I needed to grab something at Old Navy and figured I'd take the kiddos out. I drove Brandt's big truck so I couldn't park in the underground parking and I needed to find a spot on the street, near the store so the kids wouldn't have to walk too far. They are quite slow and get easily distracted. I drove around for a while cause I seemed to be missing spot after spot to the car in front of me. Just about as I was going to give up and go home I found a spot, a little further than I'd wanted, but gave it a shot anyway. I parallel parked on the street and Oliver was on the sidewalk side and the boys on the street side. I went to get O out first so that I could have him right there when I got the boys out and keep an eye on them all. I went around the car to get O and because he was on the sidewalk side there were snow-banks. I was climbing over the snow and pulled his carseat out. I was trying to get back over the snow with O in one arm and pulled the car door shut. Opps...didn't move my hand fast enough. I was trying to put O down on the snow without him sliding down the snowpile into the truck all the while not panicing since my finger was stuck. I finally got my one hand free so I could open the door and looked down at my poor finger. The blood immediately pooled into my nailbed and I could even see the blood from the other side of my finger.Can I even tell you how bad it hurt?!? It was one of those moments that takes your breath away. I went around to get the twins out and they just looked at my face like "what happened to you?" Even now, it is super sore. It is all puffed up and warm cause my body is trying to fix it. It's not pretty and I won't be surprised if I lose my nail.
About 13 or 14 years ago I suffered a similar fate. My sister and I went to California and we visited Newport Beach, one of my most favorite places ever. We went down by the pier and were going to go rollerblading along the beach. We opened the trunk to get our rollerblades out and my sister shut the trunk and the keys were in her pocket. My thumb was in the trunk. She had to get out the keys and unlock the trunk before we could open it. I went over to the Hotdog-on-a-Stick and got a little cup with ice in it. I stuck in my thumb and went on rollerblading. That was a doosy, too. Aren't only little kids supposed to smash their fingers in doors?

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