Monday, December 6, 2010

A couple things I don't want to forget

I just needed to write these two things down for memory-keeping.
#1: Speaking of potty-talk. I gave up on potty training on Saturday. That night Brandt went into the boys's room to check on them before we went to sleep. I was in the kitchen so I could hear anything going on in the room. Brandt creaked the door open and I heard "poo-poo". Once Brandt came back out I asked if that's what I heard and he laughed and said it was. Cracking the door had awoken Dylan just enough to speak. He was dreaming about "poo-poo". Hilarious.
#2: last night I was cleaning up the kitchen before we were about to have dinner. We had purchased a couple measuring tapes to put in the boys's stockings. Dylan has an extreme fascination with them because his daddy has them and he is daddy's helper. Anyway, the measuring tapes were in our kitchen cabinet and I was sick of them being there since it was where other things were supposed to go so I moved them to our office. I just dumped them inside the door (no one goes in there) and I was going to wrap them. Of course, Brandt went in there for something just after I had done that and Dylan followed him in. He saw the tape and knew exactly what it was. No matter that it was a different shape, color than daddy's but he knew. You would not believe the tizzy fit that was to be had after that. He stood at the door and sobbed for that measuring tape. Brandt said to me "Way to go Drea, Santa is already a fraud to a 2 year old." Opps. I guess the tape is NOT going in the stocking and will be the last gift he opens because once he see it, everything else will be forgotten.

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