Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Our Christmas was great this year. Kinda mellow with not much expected so it turned out really nice. We managed to get it all together, make it to all our parties, everyone (but mommy) took naps, and visit all 3 sets of parents Christmas day...miracles do happen! We started out by going to my parents house for Christmas Eve. Before we headed out I wanted to get a picture of the family by the tree. I set up the timer and we all posed and the shots kept coming back fuzzy. I finally gave up and we left. We went and had dinner and dessert. While my boys were partaking of ice cream cones (more pics in a minute) I remembered that Dylan had gotten my camara earlier so I wiped off the lens. Wha-la! Clear as can be. Amazing the difference it made. So we gave the boys ice cream cones. I've given them one once before and they loved it and it was no different that night. Charlie was in the zone. We had another Christmas miracle. Dylan enjoyed his cone, too, but was not nearly as messy as Charlie. I think that is a first.
Christmas morning we woke up and had our own little Christmas with the 5 of us. I did the family picture again without Dylan shmeared lens and I'm only posting it because the twins look so cute in it. Brandt and I, not so much. Behold, the holy grail of Christmas gifts...the measuring tape:
After that we ran down to my momma's again and had the BEST breakfast. Seriously, it was soooo good. We opened presents and rushed home and put the boys down for a nap. Oliver wasn't in the mood to sleep so i had to stay up with him. Finally I rocked him to sleep and I only had a half hour left that I was going to let everyone sleep so I didn't put O in his bed. I just held him and rocked with him and had a 'moment'. The twins were in their bed, Brandt was asleep on the couch, Oliver was in my arms. The room was dark except for the lighted Christmas tree and my home was silent. So much gratitude and love was in my soul, in my heart. My boys were peaceful and safe and I was given that short moment of stillness to become aware of it all. It was beautiful and I don't ever want to forget that feeling or take what I have for granted.
I woke them up at 4 so we could run up to Brandt's dad's house and then stopped by his mom's house on the way home. We fit it all the skin of our teeth. We then ran home and put the boys down about 9:30.
I love this time of year. I love the magic that comes with the Christmas holiday. I love that we are able to focus on the baby Jesus and feel such gratitude for our Savior. Truly, we are so very blessed to know what we know and to feel such peace because of it. I don't know what I did so right to be sent to the family I was given and to be so blessed to have the most amazing husband and beautiful children. No matter how bad things sometimes seem, I know I have it very good. I know it is because the generous hand of my Savior and I hope that I can remember that throughout this coming year.

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