Saturday, December 18, 2010

5 Months!

My baby is 5 months old today. How in the world did we get here? He is not much of a baby. He is a big, big boy and I am wrapped around his little finger. He is starting to coo and gurgle more and is anxiously awaiting me feeding him solid foods. He is ready, I just need to remember to buy some baby food next time I'm at the store. He usually sleeps through the night, but he's been a little sporatic lately and has been waking up for a snack in the middle of the night. My doctor said to just put him back to sleep when that happens, but it's quicker for me to just feed him and I am tired and lazy so I usually do that rather than take the time to make him sleep (just to be awoken 15 minutes later cause he really wants that snack)! His brothers adore him and love on him. We are so lucky that he chose to come and be a part of our family!

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