Saturday, December 18, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

There was much debate on whether to have a tree this year. We gave in and decided it is not Christmas without a tree. Because our budget is a little tight, we got a smaller tree than we're used to. Also, because I have TWO two-year-olds I had to address the ornament issue. I didn't want ornaments just on the top of the tree and I didn't want any of our precious ornaments broken. My crazy mother had the idea to crochet & knit ornaments that could be removed and tossed around and wouldn't break. My mom knitted all the round ornaments and I crocheted all the Santas. I wanted more Santa's, but come on, I'm lucky to have gotten the ones I did. My time is a little stretched between 3 little guys and 1 big guy. Here's the finished product.
This is my favorite part. The boys are not allowed to turn on the lights (they LOVE plugs and I'm trying to stifle their urge...with no stop plugging in things). Anyway, we found this one day. They took off the Santa and tied it around the plugs. What clowns.
Here's a close up of the one type of Santa.
Here's the big Santa (minus eyes and a belt buckle).

Merry Christmas...Can you believe it's next week?!?

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Ryan and Amber said...

We had the same debate. So we got a 2 foot costco already decorated tree this year :) The adventures of twins. Have a great Christmas.