Friday, February 11, 2011

3 days in a row???

Luckily, yesterday we broke the trend. Poison control is soon going to know us by name. Two days in a row this week I called poison control. Again, the mother of the year award is mine. All you mommies out there that are aiming to steal it from me, watch out, I'm pretty much the winner each day. Tuesday morning I was cleaning my kitchen floor. The boys were playing in the living room. Once I was finished I came around the corner to find a disaster. Charlie has had diaper rash from you-know-where and the doc believes it to be a yeast infection, therefore, we have been putting yeast infection cream on his bum. Charlie took it upon himself to open the tube and smear it all over O's head. I looked a little closer and there was some white on D's face and a little on Charlie's, too, so I didn't know if they had eaten any. I called my buddies at poison control just to make sure they'd be ok in case they did swallow any. (and in case anyone needs to know, unless they swallow a large amount they're fine. If they do swallow a bunch they'll just have an upset tummy. No big deal). Anyway, the next day Brandt came home from work and needed me to help him spray the cabinet doors in the garage quickly. It takes about 10-15 minutes or so. I ran out there and sprayed for a minute, came back in to check on the trouble makers to find they had climbed on the counter to get in an upper cabinet. They found tic-tacs and gum. I took the stuff away, scolded them, and ran back out to finish. A few more minutes later I came back in to find that Charlie had gotten into his daddy's lunch pail. He had a baggy of batteries and a baggy of Advil. The Advil baggy was opened so I had no idea if he had eaten any. I was pretty sure he had cause after just eating tic-tacs the Advil looks a bit similar. So I again called my buddies at poison control. Charlie was on "watch". (if he had eaten more than 13 it is a problem. I don't think he had more than one or two if any. They said to just watch him to see if he is a little lethargic, dizzy, or nauseous.) I swear I'm a good mom. If anyone calls you to ask about our parenting please let them know we do love our kids. We are just blessed with a handful of toddlers that are VERY curious. What can I say???

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