Sunday, February 27, 2011


My twinners had a half birthday yesterday. They are half-way to 3, or should we just say half-way past 2. I am amazed each and every day how big they're getting and the new things they're learning. They are such funny, sweet kids. Charlie is getting really good with his words and Dylan is still speaking French or Spanish depending on the day. Charlie is loving anything that moves, cars, trains, helicopters, school buses (or any bus or camper), and tractor. Dylan is still in love with anything electronic that has a plug or a button. Some days he just carries around my cell phone charger. They are trying to be big, trying to dress themselves, put on their own shoes, brush their own teeth and use big-kid things like scissors or knives. It's difficult as a mom to sometimes sit back and watch them struggle so that they can learn a new skill or task but they want to do it. Just this morning Dylan was helping me change the sheets on their beds. To celebrate the big day yesterday we made a snowman...or 'no-man' as the twins would say.Happy Un-Birthday buddies...slow down a little bit with that growing up thing. I need you to stay young and in adoration of me for a little longer. I treasure each day I get to spend with you both!

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