Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Cake!

As soon as the boys woke up yesterday all they kept asking for was Birthday Cake. I had a recipe for a from-scratch cake that I have been wanting to try so I thought it'd be the perfect excuse. Knowing how helpful my kiddies are I was planning on putting them down for a nap and making the cake then.

So, according to plan, I put the boys down but lucky for me, they were not interested in sleeping yesterday. I started mixing the ingredients and had made my suger mixture, my dry ingredients mixture and the recipe called for buttermilk and since I didn't have any from the store I had my bowl of milk I was turning into buttermilk. While I was mixing the sugar mixture Charlie was at his door yelling "my birthday cake", "my cake", etc. Then it changed to "I have to go pee, I have to go pee!"

So, I stopped where I was at and got him out to go pee. I told Dylan to stay in bed. As soon as I finished with Charlie, Dylan came out and said he had to go poop. So, I told Charlie to go to bed and I helped Dylan take care of business. As I finished with D, Charlie came around the corner from the kitchen and said "make my birthday cake." I shut their door, went into the kitchen to discover my box of baking soda was now empty. I got Charlie back out of his room and asked him what he did. I asked him if he dumped it into the milk since my sugar mixture was still intact and I was praying it wasn't into the dry ingredients. He said yes, I stuck my hand in the bowl of milk, and sure enough, it was full of baking soda. Luckily for me, that was the easiest to fix, but come on! Even when they're "napping" I can't get crap done. So I finished mixing and baking and took the two rounds out of the oven. I had put them on a wire rack to cool and Dylan didn't sleep so I let him out of his room early. He saw the cakes and I told him not to touch and that they weren't ready. We went downstairs to clean up and while I was vacuuming he had snuck upstairs. I came upstairs to find this. He had taken a bite and I had two toothpicks to test the cake and he shoved those into the cake. Such wonderful helpers I have. So - if you're thinking about baking at my house, probably not such a good idea. WAY too helpful! Here's the finished product. Happy Birthday Boys!! And this is what we did at 10:30 last night. Oh the joys of homeownership! Jealous?!?

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Jesse and Tracy said...

holy crap you have done it! none for me please. LOL