Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The unspeakable phrase

I said it. I said the unspeakable phrase this morning. I'm not allowed to say "Am I not allowed to have anything nice?!" Apparently that was a common one aimed towards Brandt when he was a little tyke so it's forbidden at our house. But, alas, it came out of my mouth this morning. I cleaned my car this morning and thought I'd let the boys play outside for a little bit (which they always beg me for). I brought out my little crochet project and pulled up a chair. Charlie had gone inside and I asked D what C was doing and he said "toys" and I said "he's playing with toys?" and he said "yes". Ok, that's fine. A few minutes later D had to go to the bathroom so he ran inside and Charlie came out with my baggie of cinnamon chips (used to make Cinna-burst Bread) that my neighbor had given me. He said "chocolate" and I said "no" and as he got closer I screamed "and why is it wet????" He had pulled his chair up to the cabinet he knows he's not supposed to get into, pulled out the bag of what he thought was chocolate chips, which he knows he's not supposed to get into, and then took it to the sink and put water in the baggie, which he knows he's not supposed to touch. And those few words slipped out of my mouth. I was so so so mad. You leave them alone for 2 minutes...make that seconds...and the whole house comes down. Welcome to my life.
ps - the picture is from the other day. 1st bath with all three boys together. Oliver thought it was somethin' else. He LOVES to be big and be one of the boys.

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