Friday, September 2, 2011

officially FREAKING out!

I've lost it. I've lost my coupon binder. I cannot find it anywhere. I've been looking for the last few days and it has not shown up. I can't imagine me leaving it in a cart of something at the store but I swear I've looked high and low in my house. I keep telling myself that I put it somewhere "where I won't forget" and then forgot and it will just show up and I'll say "oh, yeah...that's where I put it" but my faith is diminishing. So sad. How do you lose your coupon binder?!? Maybe I should've been using more of them. And to boot, I lose it right after all the back to school sales where I could have bought a new one at a discount. Timing. Boy do I have it!

I'm in the living room right now and the boys are supposed to be napping. Charlie is singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" to his brother. Those kids are hilarious! And Go Utes! That's it.

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katieb said...

I am sorry that stinks! Hopefully it turns up soon!