Friday, August 12, 2011

There is a thief among us!

I had to go grocery shopping today and with Brandt working so much I don't have time to go at night (that's my only time to spend with him so I am selfish and don't want to leave for an hour or whatever). Anyway, I ventured out with my three little ones. We hit up the Smith's first and got what we needed and I ran home and threw the cold items into the fridge before heading on over to Dick's. I thought Smiths would be the tougher one since Dick's has the little truck/carts. We did ok until we go to the checkout and the checker wanted the cart to go through backwards (he mumbled something about his back hurting and didn't want to bend over...whatever that means). Right there in front of the twins in the truck was a sucker display. I kept saying "no, put that back", "we're not getting suckers", "get back in the truck", "sit down" get the idea. He finally finished ringing us up and off we went. I loaded the car with the groceries and told the boys to hop up in the car while I was loading Oliver in. C pointed to D's pocket and said "sucker." I asked Dylan if he had one and he admitted. So...out came Oliver and I took all the boys back in so that D could give the sucker back to the guy and say sorry. I had to pry the sucker out of his hand and Dylan sobbed all the way back to the car and for about 20 minutes after we were home. I don't know if any of it sunk in. We keep talking about how you can't have things at the store unless we buy them and that he needs to ask mommy or daddy. We'll probably visit this again in the did my babies get old enough to start ripping off the store???


mcmullins said...

sounds about right! Wow, what a funny story and so sad that he cried.

Kierstin said...

Drea, they wouldn't steal if they didn't see you do it all of the time! sheesh.