Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The sweetest thing happened this morning. I was tied up pumping and Oliver had scooted over to our big push-truck. Charlie was playing with it and I don't know if he ran over O's hand or just took it away and Oliver started sobbing. He has used up all his "umph" and didn't have it in him to scoot back over to me and just laid his head down to cry. Dylan hopped right up, ran into his room, and brought out his two snuggy-toys and blankey to give to Oliver. He knows that when you're sad, those items make it all better. So sweet not only because of the brotherly love, but sweet coming from Dylan. He's not one to show much compassion, especially toward his brothers, so this just tore at my heart-strings. I'm so lucky to have these boys. They are so wonderful and I love them so very much!

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