Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Storytime again...

I need Dylan & Charlie to nap. I need them to. Not want them to, NEED them to. Yesterday I ran up to see a friend and my mom watched the crew for me. She put the boys down and then I got home. All was nice and quiet and then she left. Then the noises started. I went in a couple times to tell the boys to go to sleep but they wouldn't. I just eventually ignored it and let them do whatever in their room. When I finally went to get them out of bed, I opened the door and Charlie walked toward me saying "poo-poo". I turned on the light and he had his socks off, and put on his hands like mittens. On the socks were poop. I guess he put his hands down his pants and found a surprise. I don't want to even think about what he did with the poop on his mitten-hands. They also graciously took apart their beds, sheets off and all, and of course, removed the we've told them five thousand times not to do. All in a day's work I suppose.
Here's some pictures for a little update on us the past little while:
I judge a night's sleep or a nap by the hair we wake up with. If we have crazy was a good nap.
I love checking on the boys before I go to bed and I love it even more when they are on top of each other, or in the same bed, or just in a funny position. Here is one such night.
At our house if you leave any forbidden room's door open you're bound to have some little guys go take it over within two seconds. Look what we found. And look who joined in the fun.
The other morning we thought it would be fun to drink our "gurt" instead of eat it with our spoon. It was fun. Fun to watch mom have to clean everything up.

The end.

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