Friday, April 8, 2011

Random update

I don't have a particular subject to blog about, just know that I needed to update my "journal". I seem to be quite busy, with what, not sure, but I feel busy. Brandt has been busy with a few side jobs which always adds to the craziness and has jumped back on the O/T list at work. That means he will work for the post office for 9-10 hours 6 days a week and when he gets home, he is out in the garage trying to get a little bit done on his projects. So, he's tired, I'm tired, we're all tired. A couple weeks ago I attempted to make bread for the first time ever. Slowly but surely I will become domesticated. I ground my wheat and everything. It is quite a workout - I probably should bake bread more often just for that reason alone. It turned out ok. Not in love with it, but ok. With the few sunny, warm days we had last week I busted out the twins's new scooters. Brandt had gone to the store earlier in the day for something and he picked up a bike helmet. They only had one that he liked, so we only had one for the boys. Dylan adopted it. He wore that helmet non-stop for a few days. He cracks me up. One morning we went for a walk around our neighborhood and he had to wear it. We made it half-way around our circle and he wanted it off. We took it off and I asked him if he wanted me to carry it and he said no and promptly just put the helmet under his arm and marched on. This little guy is still adorable. I am just whooped over him and I think the feeling is mutual. He is such a momma's boy. I just look over his way and he gets all gitty and smiley. Love it and trying to memorize this moment cause I know it is temporary. And if you're crazy, you find time to make 3 dollar flowers for your bestie that is turning 30. If you can do math, she's turning 30, it takes 3 dollar bills to make one flower, which means I should make 10 flowers if I want to give her 30 one-dollar bills. I made 6 flowers and gave up. Way too time-consuming so we were creative with the remaining dollars. Turned out way cute. Then, to go with the craziness, you decide to make the trek 200+ miles to her home to celebrate her birthday so you pick up another fellow crazy and drive for 3 hours, hang out for 3 hours (sneak in a photo-op), then drive back for another 3 hours. Nuts. I didn't sleep much that night and Brandt and I went to the Jazz game last night so we got home late which means not enough sleep this week. I'm tired and it's been snowing all day, yuck. That's all I have to say.


Ryan and Amber said...

Your kids are so cute. We'll have to get together when the weather is nice and let them play.

Jesse and Tracy said...

your bestie thanks you sooooo much! it was so great to have a surprise and glad you picked up the other crazy and really glad you made me flowers!